Huawei Marine finalises survey agreement with Axin for trans-Tasman cable

Huawei Marine, the joint venture between Huawei and Global Marine Systems, has announced the finalisation of a seabed survey agreement with Axin for the trans-Tasman Optikor Network.

Huawei Marine says that the data collect by the survey will allow it to deploy a system properly designed for the conditions along the route, and the information received will enhance system security.

Local sources speaking to Axin chairman Robin Lee claim that the contract is worth at least a multimillion dollar sum.

New Zealand state owned firm Kordia has collaborated with Axin on various aspects of the project. Kordia’s CEO, Geoff Hunt, said: “We are delighted that the cable survey agreement has been signed. This is the next critical step in the process.”

Kordia sought to clarify its position following previous reports that the company would operate the cable. In a statement on the company’s website, Kordia said that it had yet to sign a commercial agreement to operate the cable.

Optikor will be more than 3,000km in length and will connect Sydney, Australia with South Island and North Island, New Zealand. It is designed to provide an initial capacity of 120G with one fibre pair with an eventual capacity of 6.4Tbs with two fibre pairs. The cable is set to be completed by the end of 2013.

The cable is designed to address the large capacity requirements in the region and is set to compete with the existing Southern Cross cable between Australia and New Zealand.

Hours after the announcement by Huawei Marine, Southern Cross made price reductions across its cable network.