Telstra expands operations in India

Telstra has announced it has been awarded three new telecoms licences in India under its joint venture with Bangalore-based software company Microland.

The new licences will be tailored towards providing customers in India with both international and national communications links, in additional to several new ISP services. Telstra will begin by provisioning the service in seven cities, including Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune, to provide a network tailored towards enterprise and business customers.

To connect customers internationally, Telstra will operate the cities of Mumbai and Chennai as its Indian international gateways to connect into its international backhaul network, providing onward direct links to Europe and Asia.

“Telstra’s international operates one of the largest and most diverse networks in Asia Pacific,” said Tarek Robbiati, group managing director for Telstra International. “This development reinforces our foothold as an asian network specialist and communications service provider with offices and licences in 12 Asia-Pacific countries.

With additional licences, Telstra said its expansion in India enables its network to support the influx of new businesses setting up in the country, and also gives local companies a platform to interconnect into a large global network when setting up operations in emerging markets.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates Telstra’s commitment to invest in India and is a key milestone for us in expanding our comprehensive suite of services to customers seeking global reach to address their growth plans, while providing relevant local insight and support,” added Robbiati.

Telstra’s expanded network is expected to be fully operational within six months.