Alpheus Communications to merge with First Communications

The Texan fibre network and data centre operator Alpheus Communications has been purchased by the Gores Group.

Alpheus Communications has over 2,800 miles of long-haul fibre and 3,250 metro route miles across Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, and describes itself as the “competitive fibre backbone for Metro Texas”.

The private equity firm, Gores Group, has announced that it has signed an agreement to buy Alpheus Communications, for an undisclosed sum.

“Alpheus has had great success in bringing better broadband services to Texas, and this is just the next chapter,” said Paul Hobby, chairman and CEO of Alpheus Communications.

Gores Group plans to combine Alpheus with one of its other holdings, First Communications. First Communications offers metro and long-haul fibre network services, as well as local exchange voice and data services across the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic United States. Following the merger, First Communications will have a network of over 10,500 fibre route miles.