Samsung to trial 4G LTE technology in Asia

Samsung to trial 4G LTE technology in Asia

Samsung Electronics has announced a series of 4G LTE technology field trials and pilot commercial projects across Asia.

The trials, which are due to be held this year, will showcase the company’s range of Smart LTE solutions which it believes can help Asian operators meet the pent up demand for mobile internet services across the continent.

Samsung has already completed WiMAX and CDMA deployments in the region and is now aiming to demonstrate its 4G LTE macro and small cell products.

Youngky Kim, EVP and GM of telecommunication systems business of Samsung Electronics believes the company can “play a key role in making Asia a centre of mobile broadband culture”: “Asia is one of the most dynamic and passionate telecommunication markets; the demand for mobile broadband services is such that we expect it to account for more than 30% of global mobile data traffic,” he said.

Samsung has been operating in the Asian market since the mid 1980s and has gone on to help introduce CDMA commercial systems to many Asian countries, including Indonesia and Vietnam. The company has developed partnerships with ‘dozens’ of Asian mobile service providers and has earmarked Japan to launch what it claims will be the industry’s first LTE small cell solution in 2012.