dtac launches 3G services

dtac launches 3G services

Thai operator, dtac, has launched 3G services in spite of opposition from state owned operator CAT.

According to local reports, CAT claims that dtac does not have the right to offer 3G services and is threatening to sue the company for breach of contract.

But CEO of dtac, Jon Abdullah, claims that the service is provided under a concession agreement and will actually benefit CAT. “"The HSPA upgrade on the 850 MHz band marks the beginning of exciting times for the telecom industry in Thailand,” said Abdullah. “We believe the establishment of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission and the licensing of 2.1 GHz spectrum for 3G services will take the industry to an even higher level.”

The new 3G services are available on the 850Mhz band at no additional cost to subscribers.

Earlier this year, Capacity reported on dtac’s proposal to return 25Mhz of its unused spectrum in exchange for a 4G licence after it had struggled to acquire a licence for 3G.