MLL Telecom to provide backhaul services for LTE

UK-based network provider MLL Telecom has claimed it is the first to launch backhaul services for LTE networks in the UK, after announcing the launch of the new managed service earlier today.

As data traffic in the UK increases, it is clear there is a need for a proficient mobile backhaul service to cope with such user trends, and MLL Telecom appears well placed to provide the service considering it owns spectrum in the 32GHz and 40GHz bands.

Richard Brandon, head of strategy at the company, believes the main challenge for backhaul services is the sheer scale and high capacity involved with demand placed on the networks. “The challenge is that LTE cells are now delivering data speeds of around 300Mbps,” he said. “The new LTE backhaul service can scale up to 500Mbps or 1Gbps with cross-polarisation, but the speeds of the services can be tailored to suit customer requirements.”

As many industry experts point out, there are still negatives to a fully deployed fibre network business model, considering the cost and challenges to provide reach across a large scale. MLL Telecom will use microwave radio links to extend network coverage and increase bandwidth that will be required when LTE is fully deployed in the UK.

“The LTE links we have already installed are maintaining the high level of availability and resilliance we experience for our existing microwave links, said Gary Marven, COO at MLL Telecom. “We are confident they will offer our customers the same high service levels they are used to.”

One company that could benefit from this announcement is Hong Kong-based PCCW, which announced last week it is building a high-speed mobile network in the UK. Industry experts predict the company could be the first to provide LTE infrastructure in the region.

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