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Western Europe comes out of recession; the east still feels its effects

Western European telcos are recovering from the recession: revenue remained stable in nominal terms in 2010, an improvement on the 2% decline experienced in 2009.

Meanwhile, eastern Europe still struggled with declining growth last year, according to a report from Analysys Mason.

The six countries in the report from central and eastern Europe experienced a 5% decrease in mobile service revenue during 2010. Poland was the only country in the region which appeared to be relatively unaffected by the recession, with a decline of only 1%.

The report shows Sweden as demonstrating the greatest year-on-year growth in revenue, out of all the countries considered, at over 5%. Meanwhile, Romania experienced the greatest of all reductions in growth, with the country’s revenues falling by almost 10%.

There was a sudden decline in mobile service revenues between 2008 and 2009 despite customer bases continuing to grow. However, in 2010, all countries within eastern and western Europe saw growth to their subscriber bases, except for Romania, where the number of customers remained static, and the Netherlands, which lost 2% of its active subscribers.