Reader Profile: Frank Orlowski, De-Cix

Frank Orlowski is director of business development and marketing for De-Cix and has been with the company for five years.


“Capacity is a valuable resource because it’s an easy way to get the information I need to stay up to date with the market’s developments and trends. It’s great to have the magazine when I’m travelling because I can just read a few pages and when I walk off the plane or train, I feel I’ve learned something. The news and views sections are particularly relevant as our company always find it interesting to learn about the markets we operate in. We hold a strategic interest in the Middle East but our key market is almost all of eastern Europe, all the way down from the Baltic countries via Russia to the Balkans market.

The Middle Eastern market is still a difficult region to enter because only one of the region’s markets has opened up. There is almost no way to connect to any of these countries because they’re more or less occupied by incumbent operators and don’t let competitors in. Capacity helps us see any relevant developments in the region.

The markets section is also useful because it’s easy to understand but provides valuable insight into a certain topic or area. This section can help De-Cix when we are looking to roll out new services or looking for a new market to enter. It can even sometimes make us go back to existing plans and reassess our actions.

We enjoy reading coverage about the peering industry since we operate the world’s largest internet exchange. Approximately 400 carriers from 45 countries use our services and facility in Frankfurt but we are always interested in finding new customers. It’s important to educate carriers in emerging markets when it comes to IP interconnection.

De-Cix obviously also takes a close look at everything related to developments in Carrier Ethernet Exchange. Information from the magazine can help our decision process when rolling out new products.

I think the website is a great addition to the hard copy but I still like the fact I can go back to the magazine and read the full article.“