Going the extra mile

Telecom Italia Sparkle outlines its latest achievements in extending its global backbone and IP transit service Seabone in Europe, Africa and Asia

Telecom Italia Sparkle (TIS)
maintains its commitment to provide its customers with the highest quality of internet, and has recently expanded its 2-Terabit global IP backbone Seabone, continuing to add new content worldwide.

In Europe, TI Sparkle has been enhancing its already wide presence in Amsterdam with a new IP PoP at Evoswitch in order to cater its high-quality and overprovisioned global IP backbone Seabone for the needs of IP bandwidth-hungry content and media service providers. Evoswitch is in fact a neutral data centre, attracting fast growing service providers that are generating high volumes of IP traffic, and are in need of increased co-location space and high transmission facilities.

Recently, TI Sparkle has also announced its first IP PoP in east Africa, in partnership with Djibouti Telecom, for the provision of high-quality and secure global IP connectivity to the operators, ISPs and service providers in east and southern Africa. Through this fully protected and equipped IP hubbing node, supported by a dual path link connecting Djibouti northbound to Europe, customers will enjoy top quality and top resiliency from our IP connectivity service, and will be able to access world’s most popular content hosted on TI Sparkle Seabone nodes in Sicily. Moreover, customers in the region will benefit from the additional advantage of exchanging their intra-regional traffic directly in Djibouti, instantly improving performance by saving hundreds of milliseconds with respect to any other European IP hub.

Last but not least TI Sparkle has strengthened its IP transit proposition in Asia with a new IP PoP in Hong Kong, which consolidates its positioning in south east Asia, a region where it is a major player in the IP and data services market through its extensive ownership of capacity in various submarine cable systems, including the upcoming IMEWE that connects India to Italy via the Persian Gulf.

Today, TI Sparkle’s fully IPv6-enabled, 2Tbps global IP backbone Seabone ranks number one in the Mediterranean, 3rd in Europe and 11th worldwide. In addition, Sicily is the top IP hub in the Mediterranean through TI Sparkle nodes. TI Sparkle’s dual IP PoP architecture in Palermo and Catania provides fast, reliable and robust access to the Big Internet, allowing major ISPs to exchange traffic within the region with an optimal latency performance and with access to world’s major content locally stored, ensuring the best possible internet experience.

Today, more than 50% of TI Sparkle customer traffic is managed onnet and is never carried through the public internet, therefore we are able to provide full E2E quality control throughout the whole path.

TI Sparkle is also expanding its network reach, and by the beginning of 2011 two major cable projects will come into operation. First is IMEWE, which will connect India to Italy and France via the Gulf, the first consortium-built cable to go live among a number of newly announced systems linking south east Asia to Europe. With three fibre pairs at 128x10Gbps and a design capacity of 3.84Tbps, IMEWE has landings in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon and will reinforce Italy’s role as the main hub for IP and data services between Europe, the Gulf and south east Asia.

In the first quarter of 2011, the new proprietary Athens-Istanbul submarine cable will create a unique seamless network in terms of coverage and protection connecting TI Sparkle’s pan-European and Mediterranean proprietary backbones. This new cable also represents a major step towards TI Sparkle’s further development in Turkey where it is already present through MedNautilus which has constructed an advanced telehouse and data centre in Yenisbona, Istanbul, offering IP transit, connectivity and hosting services. MedNautilus is also a leading provider of data centre services in Greece with data centres located in Koropi, Metamorphosis and Chania, offering over 10,000 sq m of co-location space.¦

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