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Deutsche Telekom ICSS: Stay safe in cyber space
26 Aug 2016

Are you wondering what the big deal is about cyber security and DDoS attacks? Think it will never affect your company because you have all the right firewalls and detection systems in place? Then consider what today’s cyber criminals are capable of and how even the largest organisations have not been able to stop them.

Vodafone Wholesale Ghana: a gateway to Africa
23 Aug 2016

Instant robust access to a huge and burgeoning continent with great prospects for data: this is the type of proposition that international carriers love to seize on, especially to gain a competitive edge while the time is ripe for growth. Not only that, but new opportunities are needed in light of the saturation of markets such as Europe and North America. But who can help to achieve this across a vast and diverse continent like Africa? On Africa’s west coast is a wholesale provider that is superbly placed to aid carriers seeking to gain such a foothold: Vodafone Wholesale.

Metaswitch Networks: PoP virtualisation from concept to reality
20 Apr 2016

Change is perhaps the only thing that doesn't change in the international carrier world! This is especially true with wholesale voice. Over the years, the industry has absorbed, with varied levels of success, a number of assaults or waves of evolution. First came the decline of the bilateral world, followed by the rise of Voice over IP, which brought new breeds of competitors and then enabled the rise of communications app such as Skype and Whatsapp. Add to this the constantly falling termination prices. Is there no end to the threats to this industry?

i3forum: a primer on NFV
29 Mar 2016

This document provides the i3 forum’s perspective on NFV, focussing on the role of, and the impact to, international carriers.