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Be Ready for ASEAN Economic Community 2015
16 Jul 2013

Countries in each region coorporate to enhance their negotiation power and competitive capacity for the shared interests and the regional development on the international level. Countries in Southeast Asia or ASEAN also join together as a community for ASEAN Economic Community 2015 (AEC).

AT&T: Behind the cloud
14 Mar 2013

Everyone's talking about the cloud and the opportunity it provides to transform the way businesses and people work.

GENBAND: The Smart Network - Premium Services, Profitable Solutions
01 Mar 2013

This white paper defines GENBAND's Making Networks Smarter vision and how its implementation will enable telecommunications service providers and enterprises to overcome the many challenges of today's highly competitive market to deliver innovative IP communications solutions while meeting the expectations of end users and creating new sources of revenue. GENBAND's Smart Networks vision and SMART CORE, SMART EDGE, and SMART EXPERIENCE solutions are the culmination of a decade-long strategy - buoyed by organic development and acquisitions - to assemble the software, services and technologies required to compete and thrive in a highly challenging and ever-changing 21st century communications market.

TELUS: Delivering what matters most
18 Feb 2013

In the eyes of the customer, suppliers are only as good as their last transaction. That’s why TELUS has made putting customers first its top corporate priority.

Telekom Austria Group takes up the fight against fraud
25 Jan 2013

The Telekom Austria Group has pledged it will place increasing importance and commitment to the development of its SIM Box Detection Service. Network operators worldwide are increasingly facing this kind of fraud. The Telekom Austria Group uses more than 1,000 testing routes through the company’s global testing infrastructure and it aims to provide protection against all types of SIM box fraud.

tyntec/GigaOM: Converged mobile messaging analysis and forecasts
23 Jan 2013

This joint tyntec/GigaOM whitepaper outlines how the global mobile messaging value chain is being disrupted by the rapid growth of OTT services, and the impact this is having on a highly profitable revenue stream for operators. The research uses forecasts for the next five years to highlight how the market for both SMS and OTT messaging will change globally and by region. Using a succinct analytical approach, the paper also demonstrates how this trend is causing a growing fragmentation of the market which can only be addressed by using virtual phone numbers to bring about the convergence of IP-messaging and SMS. This will provide interoperability, reliability and global scale for operators and internet companies alike. By Peter Crocker, GigaOM.