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Deutsche Telekom: Future roaming enabling
04 Dec 2012

Network providers require fit-for-purpose roaming solutions to accommodate rising volumes of data, realise efficiency and exploit new opportunities, says Christian Wollner at Deutsche Telekom Internataional Carrier Sales & Solutions.

AT&T Wholesale: Behind the cloud, there is a silver lining of new possibilities
19 Oct 2012

Everyone's talking about the cloud and the opportunity it provides to transform the way businesses and people work. Traditionally, enterprises have made new capital investments to keep up with growing IT demands, but the old approach is increasingly cost prohibitive and often comes with lenghty provisioning delays. While users wait for infrastructure to be deployed, applications run slowly or not at all, making businesses ineffiecient and inflexible. Meanwhile, businesses continue to spend money on in-house personnel to manage the infrastructure. As well, Web 2.0 technologies and mobile trends have created user expectations for instant IT and communications resources. Consequently, the old approach simply doesn't work for many enterprises.

Logic Communications: Caribbean Ethernet Connections
11 Sep 2012

Continued investment and realignment are key to the infrastructure for international business. Logic Communications, operating as an anchor for the KeyTech Group of Companies, is accredited with widespread developments and enabling advancements in communications services for both Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. With a commitment to providing cutting-edge technologies for interconnectivity for its corporate customers, Logic’s next-generation MPLS network infrastructure has been in place for the past six years.

UNH-IOL: Testing Home Routers for World IPv6 Launch
21 Aug 2012

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) hosted its fourth IPv6 Customer Edge (CE) Router Interoperability Test Event the week of April 16 - April 20, 2012 at its 32,000+ square-foot facility in Durham, New Hampshire. The test event brought together both users and suppliers of CE routers, also known as home router equipment. The purpose of the test event was to gain a perspective on the current status of IPv6 interoperability against the Internet Engineering Task Force’s (IETF) Basic Requirements for IPv6 Customer Edge Routers and support the Internet Society’s (ISOC) World IPv6 Launch. The eight participating vendor companies tested a total of ten distinct home router implementations throughout the week using publicly routable IPv6 addresses. Participants included Broadcom, CHT-TL IPv6 Testing Lab, D-Link, NDM Systems, Motorola Mobility LLC, Netgear, Time Warner and ZyXEL.

Xtera: Pushing the boundaries
06 Jul 2012

The advent of 100G coherent technology is revolutionising what can be achieved over long-haul fibre networks.

Verizon: A dominant force in 100G
06 Jul 2012

Since 2007, when Verizon first trialled 100G optical traffic on a live system, the company has played a leading role in the development of high-speed networks. Now it is offering the benefits of this track record to other carriers and service providers to enable them to deliver a new generation of applications and services.

Ciena: 100G coherent networking – more than just the line rate
06 Jul 2012

The Voracious global demand for bandwidth continues to increase unabated in all regions of the world with TeleGeography forecasting it to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 50% for the foreseeable future. Streaming high bandwidth video-centric content is responsible for the bulk of the bandwidth growth. An increasing number of subscribers connecting at increasing per subscriber access rates are exacerbating this voracious growth in bandwidth demand, even as the world economy is called into question.

CAT Telecom: Network for your future business - Enhance your vision, boost your business to its full potential
27 Apr 2012

Most Network & Service Providers always concentrate on their network development to catch up with the huge jump of traffic every year. But that still isn't enough to fulfill the current demand. Actually, there are many factors to be taken into account for a premium provider to perform at the top rank among market leaders. Providers need to be aware of: Trend of consumer behaviour and modes of communication over complex business applications; Customer expectation on the global network effectiveness; Higher service level agreement, to meet their business goals; and IT cost reduction which is usually entailed by resource sharing over cloud computing.

Dialogic: Session Border Controllers: Rationalising the border of the network
10 Apr 2012

As service providers transform their networks more and more to IP, they are taking on a new role that involves the orchestration of applications and content from multiple participants in the service delivery supply chain. This translates into multiple networks - both internal and external to service providers - for providing end-to-end services to customers. The multiplying capabilities and expanding capacities of Session Border Controllers (SBCs) have become central to this evolution to IP-to-IP interworking and can help service providers as they endeavor to improve performance and cope successfully with spiraling traffic volumes and complexity.

Dialogic: Adding capacity cost-effectively to the mobile network with bandwidth optimisation
26 Mar 2012

The popularity of the Blackberry and smartphones, such as the iPhone, are forcing mobile service providers to consider how best to meet the growing demands for rich data services that are straining mobile network capacity and eroding profits. Because their networks were originally designed for the low bandwidth requirements of voice traffic, mobile providers today have only a limited set of options for increasing capacity to accommodate data services. Most of these options are expensive and often time-consuming to deploy, and include adding more leased lines, moving to fiber, increasing the microwave spectrum, and using Ethernet ring.

NTT America: Setting trends in 2012
16 Jan 2012

Whether it’s being one of the first to enter an emerging market or to deploy the latest next-generation backbone technology, NTT America has built a firm name for itself as a market trendsetter. Here Michael Wheeler, VP of Global IP Network at NTT Communications, identifies his major trends for the carrier industry during 2012.

TELUS: Leading by example
16 Jan 2012

Today brand excellence extends beyond product innovation, superior service and operational maturity. It also includes a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). At TELUS, corporate citizenship is a key strategic pillar in business growth and employee engagement.

BICS: Bridging the old and new with IPX
16 Jan 2012

BICS and other carriers are adapting and aligning intra-operator and transport services with the new commercial and technological reality brought about by IP-centric applications and traffic. By Dimitri Repinec and Piet De Maertelaere, BICS.

PCCW Global: A world in motion
16 Jan 2012

Video conferencing is now a popular alternative to travelling to meetings, thanks to advances like PCCW Global's High Definition Video Calling (HDVC) solution.