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What is white space?
01 Dec 2011

Spectrum available to providers of mobile data services is widely perceived to be inadequate for their requirements. Mobile networks are already feeling the strain of trying to sustain the demands of business and consumer customers today, never mind the likely demands of the future.

What is Multiple Input Multiple Output?
17 Nov 2011

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology leverages multiple transmit and receive antennas at both the radio base station and the device, in order to increase data rates and capacity on a network.

What is video conferencing?
10 Sep 2011

According to a report from Ovum, businesses are set to increase expenditure on video conferencing equipment in services from $2.9 billion in 2011 to $3.8 billion in 2016. This brings with it both fresh opportunities and challenges for the telecoms community, which will be looking to enhance connectivity to drive mainstream video adoption.

What is circuit switched fallback?
10 Sep 2011

LTE is an all-IP technology and therefore cannot transport switched services such as voice or SMS. However, voice is still an important part of any telco’s business due to consumer expectation and the huge contribution it makes to revenue. Circuit switched fallback (CSFB) is a protocol devised to allow voice to travel over LTE networks, which cannot normally handle circuit switched services.

Packet synchronization
17 Jul 2011

The increasing demand on network operators to supply richer service offerings at more competitive rates has forced a convergence of network technologies to packet-based methods.

19 Jun 2011

Geolocation is the process of an internet application locating its user.

What is intelligent caching?
13 May 2011

Intelligent caching is used as part of media optimisation programmes to enhance the user experience of internet video content on wireless networks.

Internet routing data: real-time analysis
01 Apr 2011

By tracing and monitoring internet routing, companies such as Renesys can gather a comprehensive view of internet connections worldwide, allowing the company to provide a real-time analysis of any changes that occur to the internet.

Solar power in cellular base stations
16 Mar 2011

In recent years, the telecoms sector has shown an increased interest in the adoption of solar technology to generate power for cellular base stations.

Mobile data traffic
15 Jan 2011

Mobile backhaul is the means of delivering mobile traffic from the cell tower to the core network and back again.