An American standard digital trunk that has 24 channels of 64Kbps each.
Total accounting rate
Time division duplex
Time division multiplexing
Time division multiple access
Offering space, security and environmental controls for equipment owned by various carriers. Telcos rent space in the form of cabinets, secure cages or enclosures, electricity, and leased data lines.
Toll free number
Telecommunications and internet protocol harmonisation over networks
Telecoms and internet converged services and protocols for advanced networks
Transport – MPLS: defined by ITU-T as an application of the MPLS technologyfor packet transport networks and considered a building block for next-generation networks, T-MPLS is the use of some of the facilities of an MPLS data plane to construct a packet-based transport network. It comprises a number of derivatives of MPLS and is being developed by the ITU as a carrier-grade technology supporting OAM and protection switching capabilities.
1) Messages sent and received over a communications channel.
2) Quantitative measurement (ie the load on a network) of the total messages and their length, expressed in hundred call seconds (CCS) or other units.
Traffic aggregation points
Carrier facilities (hotels/central offices/co-location etc.) where telecoms traffic from many sources comes together for retransmission.
Traffic shaping/grooming
Techniques to control the rate of specific traffic types on the network and optimise or guarantee performance – such as traffic classification, queue disciplines, enforcing policies, congestion management, QoS and fairness.
Transit network
An intermediate network between an originating network and a terminating network, where revenue is obtained via interconnect billing.
Triple play
The provision of voice, video and data services.
1) Where a call comes in a trunk and is transferred back out on a trunk over the same physical path it in which it arrived.
2) Sending domestic fixed-to-mobile traffic via international routes to bypass domestic interconnection rates.
Trouble ticket
A record issued for reporting and managing network or circuit outages.
Truck roll
When a technician is sent in a service truck to diagnose a problem.
A communication path between two entities – ie connecting two switching systems in a network – to establish an end-to-end connection. Also referred to as a pipe or span.
Tandem transit service: provided via a third party to indirectly interconnect with the terminating carrier’s edge network.