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Dobek Pater

Dobek Pater currently works at Africa Analysis in the capacity of a telecommunications and market analyst. Dobek has participated in numerous telecommunications projects, assessing both telecommunications markets and telecommunications technologies in various countries in Africa. Typical projects range from project design and research to researched-based analysis and consulting. Dobek has experience in servicing a diverse base of clients: operators, service providers, infrastructure suppliers, government departments and agencies, as well as market monitoring bodies, such as regulators.
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New subsea cables are here, but how low can prices go?
07 Aug 2012

Over the past three years, sub-Saharan Africa has seen significant progress in the deployment of new submarine cables, both on the west and east coasts of the continent. From three cables (SAT-2 and the SAT-3/SAFE cable system), there are now eight major cables, with more likely to come.