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SMS SPECIAL REPORT: Taking on the OTT world
27 Aug 2015

Roy Timor-Rousso, general manager of the fring Alliance, tells Capacity's Agnes Stubbs why service providers should join the global federated platform to take on OTT players.

Ocean Networks and Alcatel-Lucent to extend SAPL
27 Aug 2015

Ocean Networks has teamed up with the submarine arm of Alcatel-Lucent, Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks (ASN), to extend the South America Pacific Link (SAPL) from Panama to Florida.

SMS SPECIAL REPORT: A hub of SMS activity
26 Aug 2015

A new wave of SMS hubs have been launched by leading carriers aiming to serve their own customers and provide a much needed service for others. Guy Matthews investigates.

SMS SPECIAL REPORT: Confronting SMS fraud
26 Aug 2015

As the industry struggles to combat grey routes, fraud prevention is becoming an increasing necessity. Guy Matthews investigates the new solutions and services helping operators prevent SMS fraud.

Greg Wyler, OneWeb: Shooting for the stars
26 Aug 2015

Satellite entrepreneur Greg Wyler has made it his mission to connect the most remote parts of the world. He speaks to Agnes Stubbs about his latest venture OneWeb and what it takes to fulfil the mission.

BT accuses US rivals of harming competition
24 Aug 2015

A BT executive has accused its US rivals of harming competition with the large fees they charge for using their infrastructure, according to the Financial Times.

GSMA launches mobile IoT initiative
21 Aug 2015

The GSMA has launched its 'Mobile internet of things (IoT) Initiative', aimed to accelerate the technology by facilitating demonstrations of low power wide area (LPWA) licensed spectrum technologies.

AT&T and NSA in decade-long partnership
17 Aug 2015

US conglomerate AT&T has worked closely with the country’s national security agency (NSA) for a decade, helping the government to spy on vast quantities of internet traffic in the US, according to local reports.

US authorities to seize $1 billion in assets
14 Aug 2015

US regulators have reportedly called on their European counterparts to seize over $1 billion in assets of three telecoms companies in an alleged corruption scandal linked to the daughter of the Uzbekistan president.

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