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Google unveils Kansas City fibre service
27 Jul 2012

Internet giant Google has unveiled its much anticipated ultra-fast internet/TV service in the Kansas City area and could begin installations as early as September.

Arctic Fibre project heats up
18 Jul 2012

Arctic Fibre has begun investigating demand in Canada for its proposed 15,300km fibre-optic network linking Japan and the UK via the Arctic.

Zayo to build Albuquerque fibre network
12 Jul 2012

Fibre provider, Zayo Group, announced plans today to build a high bandwidth network in Albuquerque, New Mexico, including fibre-optic cable stretching from the South Valley to the Sandia Mountains.

Zayo completes AboveNet acquisition
02 Jul 2012

Zayo Group has announced today that it has completed its acquisition of AboveNet, bringing to a close one of the biggest acquisitions ever seen in the metro fibre market.