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French 4G licences raise €3.5 billion
23 Dec 2011

The Government of France said it has raised €3.5 billion from the auction of 4G mobile network licences, the country’s Energy Ministry has announced.

KPN faces regulator scrutiny
22 Dec 2011

Dutch telecoms and ICT provider KPN is facing scrutiny from domestic regulator, Opta, which has said that the firm has violated rules, and that it intends to sharpen its supervision of the company in The Netherlands. The regulator said that it could not elaborate on its claims as an investigation into the company was still on going.

Swisscom strikes deal with Ericsson
22 Dec 2011

Swisscom has taken a major step in modernising its mobile network towards LTE standard after signing a five year deal with Ericsson.

Telekom Serbia to buy back OTE stake
19 Dec 2011

Telekom Serbia’s board and shareholders have approved the purchase of Greek provider OTE’s stake in the company. The state-run operator is expected to pay €380 million for Deutsche Telekom-owned OTE’s 20% stake, restoring 100% ownership.

Hi3G claims world’s first dual FDD/TDD LTE network
16 Dec 2011

Hi3G Access Sweden, the mobile subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa, has launched a combined FDD/TDD 4G LTE network in partnership with Chinese technology provider ZTE. The company claims that it is the first commercial implementation of LTE FDD/TDD dual-mode technology.

SFN starts work on new Ireland to UK cable
12 Dec 2011

Sea Fibre Networks (SFN) has begun laying its new subsea connection between Ireland and the UK. It said the CeltixConnect cable will provide the shortest, fastest route between the two countries.

Everything Everywhere to invest £1.5 billion in LTE
09 Dec 2011

Everything Everywhere the joint venture between Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile UK and France Telecom’s Orange has announced a £1.5 billion investment in 4G technology over the next three years

BT CEO announces UK broadband vision
07 Dec 2011

BT CEO Ian Livingston has presented the company’s vision for transforming the UK’s communications infrastructure to the country’s Prime Minister David Cameron and his cabinet.

OTE allowed to relaunch VDSL services
05 Dec 2011

Greek national incumbent OTE is to be allowed to relaunch its VDSL broadband internet service from June 2012 following an agreement with the country’s regulator over access granted to rival service providers.