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Mist: The end of mediocre Wifi
29 Mar 2018
Mist, the AI-driven wireless enterprise, talks to Capacity about its next-gen wifi and disruptive location-based services.
Argentina set to launch $800m 4G spectrum auction
19 Mar 2018
Argentina is looking to raise around $800 million with an auction of 90MHz of 4G spectrum, with the likes of Telecom Argentina, Telefonica and Claro all expressing interest, according to reports.
Providing the backbone for Brazil's bandwidth boost
19 Mar 2018
Netell, a Brazilian fibre firm, has seen demand for connectivity explode over its 16 years. James Pearce spoke to CEO Wagner Rapchan about links to international partners and the impact of OTTs
The telepresence market hits $2bn in 2017
05 Mar 2018
Cisco and Polycom both lead the way as the telepresence market goes back into growth mode with both Q3 and Q4 of 2017 showing increased vendor revenues.