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DE-CIX partners with CoreSite Realty in the US
23 Oct 2012
DE-CIX has entered a partnership with the US data centre and co-location provider CoreSite Realty that will enable access to the DE-CIX peering exchange from multiple CoreSite locations across the US.
FCC approves AT&T proposal to use WCS spectrum
18 Oct 2012
US regulator the FCC has approved a proposal submitted by AT&T and Sirius XM to enable Wireless Communication Service (WCS) spectrum to be used for 4G LTE mobile networks.
Regulatory issues facing Canada's telecoms market
16 Oct 2012
A relaxation of rules on foreign ownership and Bell’s proposed takeover of media company Astral Media have ensured Canada’s otherwise uncontroversial telecoms market has been thrust into the headlines. Gareth Willmer explores whether the market is on the brink of a major regulatory overhaul.
Ben Vos, Sprint Nextel: The sky's the limit for wholesale cloud
16 Oct 2012
Sprint Nextel has demonstrated its commitment to wholesale with the launch of its Wholesale Cloud Services this May. Ben Vos, VP of wholesale business operations at Sprint Nextel, explains to Gareth Willmer why he believes this is the most dynamic segment of telecoms to be working in right now.
The US mobile backhaul revolution
16 Oct 2012
The advent of LTE fourth-generation mobile networks has triggered a revolution in mobile backhaul facilities. Gary Kim investigates the key technologies and players behind this latest trend in the US market.
Sprint eyes Google Fiber tie-up
11 Oct 2012
Sprint has confirmed to Capacity it has held talks with Kansas City-based Google Fiber regarding a future tie-up.
Sprint considers bid for MetroPCS
05 Oct 2012
Sprint Nextel is reportedly considering a rival bid for MetroPCS following confirmation that the operator has agreed a merger with T-Mobile USA.
ViaWest strikes IaaS agreement
03 Oct 2012
North American-based ViaWest has entered into an agreement with software company Cadre Technologies to leverage its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform.
Internet2 claims launch of first 100G SDN in the US
02 Oct 2012
Research and education network operator Internet2 is claiming to have launched the United States’ first 100G open, nationwide software defined network (SDN) to support advanced services and cloud applications.
FCC approves draft for 2014 incentive auction
01 Oct 2012
The US regulator FCC has approved a draft plan to use an incentive auction model, allowing broadcasters willing to surrender their spectrum to share in the proceeds of its sale.