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Canada ‘to ease telecoms ownership laws'
29 Nov 2011
The Canadian Government may be about to ease investment limits on foreign telecoms companies in order to spur competition in the country’s wireless sector, industry watchers have said.
US fibre and broadband experience growth
22 Nov 2011
Fibre is expected to account for around 14% of all broadband customers in the US by 2016, according to research by Pyramid Research, driven substantially by the number of fibre networks already in place in the US.
Fast just got faster
01 Nov 2011
Ten years ago, it took around 20 seconds for a trader to buy or sell shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Last month, Sidera announced a partnership arrangement that will enable bankers to execute anything up to 40,000 back-to-back deals in the blinking of an eye. Richard Irving reports.