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Nigeria telecoms market
18 Jun 2012

As one of the biggest and fastest growing telecoms markets in Africa, Nigeria already has a significant international presence in its domestic telecoms market and continues to attract the attention of foreign investors.

Nic Rudnick, Liquid Telecom: The man who broke Zimbabwe's monopoly
18 Jun 2012

Fighting stringent African monopolies as a telecoms lawyer was just the first step for Nic Rudnick, CEO at Liquid Telecom. He explains to Kavit Majithia about his passionate commitment to bringing connectivity to the masses across Africa in the face of restrictive regulatory environments.

Main One unconcerned by launch of WACS cable
04 Jun 2012

Funke Opeke, CEO of Main One Cable, has said that the company is unconcerned by the arrival of the WACS cable in the West African market, which was officially launched on May 11.