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France Telecom-Orange acquires Congo operator
21 Oct 2011

France Telecom-Orange has made a play into the Central African market, with the full acquisition of the Democratic Republic of the Congo mobile operator Congo Chine Télécom (CCT).

West African ACE cable hits France
11 Oct 2011

The Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) subsea cable has landed at the Penmarc’h cable station in Brittany in France, the last major economy to be connected before the system goes live in 2012.

South Sudan fast tracked into information age
06 Oct 2011

The world’s newest country, South Sudan, has already started on plans to develop its own ICT sector after being granted speedy admission to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

UPDATE: Liberia gears up for ACE
05 Oct 2011

The government of Liberia has entered the country into the West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (WARCIP) as it prepares for the landing of the soon-to-be-launched Africa to Europe (ACE) subsea cable.