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23 Sep 2013

It is an oft-quoted truism among fraud investigators that in order to stop a crook, you must first stop the flow of money. In the case of the global wholesale telecoms market, this is much easier said than done.

Midweek Mergers: September 18
18 Sep 2013

Capacity brings you the latest mergers and acquisitions in the wholesale arena. If you have any deals you'd like us to share, please tweet us @capacitymag or email

FRAUD & SECURITY BUSINESS BRIEFING 2013: The definitive guide to fraud types
16 Sep 2013

There are an estimated 400 different types of fraud permeating the wholesale telecoms markets. As schemes become more sophisticated and the crooks harder to catch, carriers are increasingly finding themselves outmanoeuvred and footing the bill. Here Capacity identifies the types of fraud they are up against.

Top 10 deals to watch
09 Sep 2013

M&A activity has been widespread in 2013, with telecoms dominating business news headlines worldwide. And there is plenty more to come.

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