Guy Matthews

Guy Matthews is an experienced business journalist who has been writing for Capacity magazine for over five years, during which time he has built up an excellent knowledge of the telecoms industry.

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Djibouti telecom: a gateway to the world
01 Sep 2017

The Republic of Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa, is 23,000km square with a population of fewer than a million citizens. The country’s regional importance, however, is in disproportion to its size.

Disruptive ideas for a new era
07 Jul 2017

Wholesale telecoms is starting to explore innovative ideas that break with decades of traditional thinking. Guy Matthews investigates

Reimagining IP networks
07 Jul 2017

Ground-breaking IP routing innovation from Nokia represents a leap forward in the evolution of the Internet. We take a look at a product range that delivers the performance, intelligence and security that is needed for the cloud and machine era

A market in motion
07 Jul 2017

Carriers are looking at ways to work more closely with generators of video traffic, from traditional broadcasters to disruptive OTTs. Guy Matthews looks at what can be done to cater more profitably for such customers

Accelerating into the future
25 May 2017

The era of the connected car, and beyond that the fully autonomous vehicle, promises to be an interesting journey, and perhaps an important new revenue stream for carriers. But, asks Guy Matthews, are they prepared for some challenging twists and turns on the road ahead?