Guy Matthews

  • Djibouti telecom: a gateway to the world

    01 Sep 2017

    The Republic of Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa, is 23,000km square with a population of fewer than a million citizens. The country’s regional importance, however, is in disproportion to its size.

  • Disruptive ideas for a new era

    07 Jul 2017

    Wholesale telecoms is starting to explore innovative ideas that break with decades of traditional thinking. Guy Matthews investigates

Spotlight on Africa

Dobek Pater

  • New subsea cables are here, but how low can prices go?

    07 Aug 2012

    Over the past three years, sub-Saharan Africa has seen significant progress in the deployment of new submarine cables, both on the west and east coasts of the continent. From three cables (SAT-2 and the SAT-3/SAFE cable system), there are now eight major cables, with more likely to come.

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