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We don’t just run data centres, we build ecosystems

15 Dec 2017

Sachin Sony, senior manager of field development & vertical marketing at Equinix, talks about the company’s strategic cloud road-map, its partnership with Oracle and the future of the industry.

Q&A with Cato Networks co-founder and CEO Shlomo Kramer

14 Dec 2017

Capacity speaks to Cato Networks about the benefits of SD-WAN

Take back control through SD-WAN, claims Riverbed

13 Dec 2017

Steve Foster, senior solutions engineering manager at Riverbed Technology, talks WAN optimisation, SD-WAN and the opportunities they present for enterprises

Accedian on "wires-only" SD-WAN

13 Dec 2017

As service providers look to capture more of the enterprise market, Accedian CEO Partick Ostiguy discusses "wires-only" SD-WAN - a different solution to the flexibility problem

Spectrum Enterprise unveils its plans for a "trendy" new SD-WAN product

13 Dec 2017

Spectrum Enterprise, part of Charter Communications, is the latest service provider to unveil plans to launch an SD-WAN offering. Capacity sits down with VP of data product management Bob Schroeder to discuss its new product

Bharti Airtel’s Ajay Chitkara: Why companies should invest in India & SAARC

07 Dec 2017

Ahead of the inaugural Capacity India & SAARC event in New Delhi (7 & 8 February 2018), Capacity spoke to Ajay Chitkara, director and CEO of global voice and data business at Bharti Airtel, to find out how the carrier is helping to make India an IP hub and why companies should invest in the region.

Interview with PCCW Global CEO Marc Halbfinger

06 Dec 2017

Marc Halbfinger sits down with Capacity to explain the reasons behind PCCW Global's recent acquisition of parts of Console Connect

Crosslake Fibre builds physically diverse routes

05 Dec 2017

Mike Cunningham, CEO of Crosslake Fibre, talks to Capacity about the latest developments with the company's subsea cable projects and discusses the infamous 'Brexit cable'

5G: The network of networks

23 Nov 2017

Kalpak Gude, president of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance talks to Capacity about the future of 5G, explains what WiGig and the next-generation internet is, and how the DSA hopes to solve the spectrum crisis.

Battery power meets virtualization

20 Nov 2017

In the wake of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, Chris Mangum, CEO Servato talks to Capacity about the battery management solutions that support data centres in the wake of natural disasters

Just look at yourself and make a change

11 Nov 2017

Carriers are trying to enable business transformation for enterprises, but to do so they need to transform themselves first Verizon’s associate director of product strategy Oliver Cantor tells James Pearce

Innovation: the key to staying ahead

10 Nov 2017

Innovation isn’t simply about bringing new and different services to market. It needs to touch every facet of a company’s activities in order to truly have an impact.

The future of IXP’s will be service driven

09 Nov 2017

The future of internet exchange points is collaboration, “the point is not to be the biggest, it’s to be clever enough to make sure you facilitate the entry of a new network, instead of wanting to be the only one connecting this new network,” says France-IX CEO, Franck Simon.

Brightlink IP has its eyes set on global expansion

02 Nov 2017

Expanding its global network and “laying software on top of what we do” are the long and short term plans for Brightlink IP, according to its chief technology officer, Joe White.

With cybersecurity in-place, internet innovation can thrive

31 Oct 2017

A growing number of businesses have cyberattack response plans in-place while surging popularity of OTT is driving need for PoP installations in smaller markets

A transformational mindset for growth

29 Oct 2017

Embracing change is key to unlocking wholesale’s future potential, says Mardia van der Walt (Niehaus), who just hit two years as SVP at Deutsche Telekom ICSS

Infrastructure evolving towards the future

28 Oct 2017

A powerful and innovative backbone is the key to sustain bandwidth demand and flexibility

In a class of its own

27 Oct 2017

Italian carrier Retelit has an unmatched offer for customers looking for diverse, low latency Ethernet-based connectivity between the Mediterranean and Asia, via Africa and the Middle East.

Q&A with Giuseppe Sini, head of Retelit international business unit

25 Oct 2017

We will grow our global footprint with "the Italian difference" says Giuseppe Sini, head of Retelit International Business Unit

Q&A with Khaled Sedrak, founder and CEO of NxtVn

25 Oct 2017

NxtVn have "no shortage of adventures" says its founder and CEO, Khaled Sedrak.

Deutsche Telekom ICSS: A view from inside wholesale security

25 Oct 2017

Capacity media recently spoke to Mardia van der Walt (Niehaus), senior vice president International Carrier Sales & Solutions at Deutsche Telekom. She gave us her insights into the state of security on a business, personal and societal level.

From protection to innovation

24 Oct 2017

Michael Wheeler, executive vice president of NTT Communications Global IP Network at NTT America, talks to Capacity about changing attitudes onto cybersecurity, NTT Com’s commitment to innovation and some new trends in wholesale telecoms.

Robust and diverse paths through Europe

24 Oct 2017

OTEGLOBE is revamping its European network and acquiring dark fibre to help soup it up. CEO Dino Andreou explains what’s behind this and how it has been done

Q&A with Ivan Mihaljevic, president of BCE Nexxia

23 Oct 2017

"We are focused on our network evolution toward virtualisation", says Ivan Mihaljevic, president of BCE Nexxia, a Bell Canada company, and Head of Bell Wholesale

OTTs were born digital, but carriers must transform and now

23 Oct 2017

It might be a painful process, but carriers are recognising the need to undergo digital transformation, Huawei’s Ryan Ding tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

Exploring the digital frontier with BT

23 Oct 2017

Damien Staples has been VP of global wholesale voice and roaming at BT for 18 months. Jason McGee-Abe caught up with him at the BT offices in London to find out how the company is evolving in the wholesale space

Transformation through acquisition

23 Oct 2017

BICS has struck a deal to buy US 2FA provider TeleSign. BICS CEO Daniel Kurgan and TeleSign exec Stacey Stubblefield explain how the deal will transform the Belgian wholesaler

Rebranding is successful for globally expanding Sparkle

23 Oct 2017

It’s a partner in Seabras-1 and in Sea-Me-We 5, it has a new presence in the fast-expanding market in Vietnam, and its Iranian connection is almost ready for service, Sparkle CEO Alessandro Talotta tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

Sprint can help wholesale customers grow their business

22 Oct 2017

Sally O’Brien, head of global wholesale at Sprint talks to Natalie Bannerman on the company’s growing wholesale activities and her experiences as a prominent woman in telecoms

How is Orange seizing wholesale opportunities?

21 Oct 2017

Pierre-Louis de Guillebon, CEO of Orange International Carriers, explains to Jason McGee-Abe how the carrier’s voice and data transition is developing and what plans will launch in 2018

The era of digitisation is here! Embrace or be disrupted!

20 Oct 2017

We are living in an era of instant gratification and instant fulfillment – consumers look for all the answers on their smart devices and in such a scenario, businesses need to fast embrace this digitisation in order to create more value and drive digital enablement.

Interxion UK: equipping itself for growth

18 Oct 2017

Andrew Fray, Interxion UK's MD, gives Jason McGee-Abe an update about how the company is expanding its London campus, preparing for MiFID II and creating fairness within trading

Q&A with Charles Ferland, VP of business development, Nuage Networks

17 Oct 2017

We spoke to Nuage Networks VP of business development Charles Ferland on the Nokia subsidiary’s recent momentum, SD-WAN and future plans

Further enhancing revenues with larger enterprises, carriers and OTTs

11 Sep 2017

Tony Rossabi joined TierPoint four months ago as EVP and chief revenue officer, so Jason McGee-Abe caught up with him to find out his immediate goals in the role and how he aims to grow revenues at the US company

‘Great things’ in store for Colt as ex-CTO of XO joins

08 Sep 2017

Randy Nicklas, vice president of engineering, is one of Carl Grivner’s new team at Colt. Alan Burkitt-Gray asks how he plans to ensure Colt continues doing ‘great things’

Equipping carriers to add value to their services

07 Sep 2017

“Our products and solutions are designed to combine multiple features and offer limitless scability to current and future growth requirements,” says Bankim Brahmbhatt, president and CEO of Bankai Group

CTO gears up for powerful combination of CenturyLink and Level 3

06 Sep 2017

CenturyLink’s CTO Aamir Hussain speaks to Natalie Bannerman about how he’s ensuring the forthcoming merger with Level 3 will take place without disrupting customers

Q&A with Ivan Mihaljevic, president of BCE Nexxia and head of Bell Wholesale

05 Sep 2017

Bell Canada's Ivan Mihaljevi, believes that Capacity events provide an excellent opportunity to build their international brand.

Interview with AJ Byers, president and CEO of Root Data Centers

05 Sep 2017

Root Data Centers’ AJ Byers explains to Capacity why Montréal is the new hub for data centres.

Q&A: Michael Erotocritou, vice president of global sales at marketing at CMC Networks

04 Sep 2017

CMC Networks to look for business opportunities at Capacity Africa event

Satellites on the skyline as African demand grows

04 Sep 2017

With almost a billion unconnected people on the African continent, satellites will play a key role in meeting growing demand, explains Intelsat’s VP for Africa, Brian Jakins

Transforming MEF to standardise SD-WAN and boost member revenue

04 Sep 2017

Nan Chen is a true pioneer when it comes to Carrier Ethernet. MEF’s president speaks to Jason McGee-Abe about how the organisation is evolving to create new business solutions for the digital economy

SEACOM moves beyond subsea

01 Sep 2017

African subsea cable operator SEACOM is now tackling the enterprise market. CEO Byron Clatterbuck tells James Pearce about its business transformation, changing customer base, and the growth of the African market

DT ICSS: Leading from the front

01 Sep 2017

Dr. Rolf Nafziger, SVP of the International Wholesale Business Unit at Deutsche Telekom speaks to Jason McGee-Abe about how the International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) division is ahead of the game when it comes to mitigating fraud and cyber attacks

After Hibernia, GTT adds another two acquisitions

13 Jul 2017

With Hibernia now fully integrated into GTT, CEO Rick Calder has added two more acquisitions, ahead of schedule. Alan Burkitt-Gray asks him about his growth strategy

Colombia will be ‘next big anchor point’ for Latam

11 Jul 2017

GlobeNet expects Colombia to follow Brazil as next focus for investment in Latin America, Rodolfo Lopez Stanic tells James Pearce

MainOne takes to data centres to stimulate sector

07 Jul 2017

Funke Opeke started by creating a company to build a new subsea cable. Then she realised that the west African market needs infrastructure and services, she tells Alan Burkitt-Gray

Behind the challenger scenes at Colt

06 Jul 2017

Colt Technology Services has undergone a significant transformation process over the past nine months. Jason McGee-Abe spoke to Tim Passingham, VP of its wholesale business, to find out how Colt executed this strategy in the build up to relaunching on 1 January, 2017

Leading from the front: Successfully driving a wholesale portfolio

06 Jul 2017

Bevan Slattery founded Megaport, NEXTDC and Superloop, and co-founded SubPartners. With such a rich portfolio of companies in the wholesale space, Jason McGee-Abe spoke to him to find out what are the keys to success

Revolutionising the current vendor model

03 Jul 2017

Andreas Hipp, chairman and CEO of Cataleya, details the company’s refocused vision as service enablement plays an increasingly important role in wholesale telecoms

Leading the SDN drive

07 Jun 2017

Megaport has made huge strides in just a few years and Jason McGee-Abe speaks to Vincent English, CEO of Megaport, to find out how the company has evolved and what’s in store for 2017-18

From Angola to the rest of the world

06 Jun 2017

Artur Mendes, CCO of Angola Cables, looks at the company’s achievements and plans for 2017 and beyond, including expansion through Africa and to Europe, Brazil and the US

Embracing new operational models

02 Jun 2017

PacketFabric is helping to equip the wholesale market to meet today’s surging capacity demands, says CEO Will Charnock

Shaping the Web 3.0 revolution

01 Jun 2017

Capacity caught up with Tom Wheeler, the former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), about his new firm Actility and what the biggest growth opportunities in telecoms are today

IP-VPN Mobile Access footprint expansion to Hungary

31 May 2017

With the launch of Deutsche Telekom’s innovative IP-VPN Mobile Access product in Hungary, the carrier implemented the next step towards becoming a regional wholesale provider of secure mobile connectivity solutions

Is your interconnect business underperforming?

31 May 2017

Not to worry! Axino’s solutions and powerful analytics help carriers optimise outdated systems and processes to reinvent their wholesale businesses and bilateral relationships

Infiny: intelligent networking at your fingertips

31 May 2017

Epsilon launched “Infiny by Epsilon” its new on-demand connectivity platform in March 2017. Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO of Epsilon speaks to Capacity about how it is changing the global networking model and its vision for its platform in the future

Liberty Global: a growing force

30 May 2017

Liberty Global is the world’s largest international TV and broadband company, with 25 million customers and operations in more than 30 countries across Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. The wholesale executive team shares with us their plans for the future and how their customers will benefit from their continued expansion

Enter Preps for Expansion

30 May 2017

A Q&A with Enter’s Milko Ilari, head of International Business & Strategy

A ground-breaking rise from Kuwait

29 May 2017

Raghid Charara, managing director of SWIFTEL International Carrier Services (ICS), discusses the company’s activities and plans

The line between wholesale and retail is blurring

26 May 2017

BICS has been on the acquisition trail to expand its portfolio. CEO Daniel Kurgan discusses the Belgian operator’s diversification strategy and the importance of a strong backbone to support it

Challenges and opportunities in a fast-evolving market

26 May 2017

Dr. Rolf Nafziger, Senior Vice President International Wholesale Business Unit (IBU) at Deutsche Telekom (DT), talks to Capacity about a telecoms market in a dynamic state of transformation and innovation

HGC grows as OTT players expand their vision

25 May 2017

Hutchison Global Communications is expanding its business with over-the-top providers, says Andrew Kwok, as they expand to serve a global market. Interview by Alan Burkitt-Gray

Taking the lead in digital transformation

25 May 2017

As the digital economy continues to grow, service providers have an opportunity to play a leading role in enabling enterprises to capitalise on the growth opportunities that it brings by propelling them forward on their digital transformation journey

A walk on the winning side to total transformation with GBI

18 May 2017

Gulf Bridge International is a cable company making the transition to a connected cloud business with its own fully managed service network. Bill Boyle talks to Amr Eid, CEO about GBI’s recent change process

From the Far East to Italy and on through Europe

16 May 2017

Q&A with Retelit CEO Federico Protto

Growing partnerships and enhancing cooperation

14 May 2017

Mehmet Toros took over as CEO of Türk Telekom International (TTI) Group from Cengiz Oztelcan in November 2016, who left after four years in the role. Jason McGee-Abe interviewed him for Capacity about his first few months in the role and TTI’s strategic priorities in 2017

Quality, richness and content as Sparkle's networks expand

14 May 2017

From Sicily to Iran and Brazil, Sparkle is expanding its networks and offering a new view of services. Alan Burkitt-Gray talks to Alessandro Talotta, chairman and CEO at Sparkle

Bankai group unveils strategic plans for 2017

12 May 2017

Bankim Brahmbhatt, group president & CEO, discusses the success of Bankai Group and the implication for the future

A big global adventure

11 May 2017

NxtVn welcomed in 2017 by launching its second data centre park, in Eemshaven in the Groningen region of the Netherlands – but its first two launches are just the beginning. The company has a whole roadmap of data centre parks planned to bring its forward-looking concept to customers of all types around the world, says founder and CEO Khaled Sedrak

Missing ingredient added to Digital Realty’s connected world

10 May 2017

After buying Telx for $1.9bn, Digital Realty has continued to lay the foundations for its radical transformation, COO Jarrett Appleby tells Jason McGee-Abe, and now it is developing its global Connected Campus strategy

Wholesale change ahead as the industry rethinks its long-held business relationships

09 May 2017

Marc Halbfinger, CEO of PCCW Global, tells Alan Burkitt-Gray of the major challenges ahead wholesale carriers

CMC set to tap the ‘deep pockets’ of Carlyle to expand into new carrier markets

08 May 2017

Weeks after private equity group Carlyle bought a controlling stake in CMC Networks, the African carrier’s CEO, Grant Walker, tells Alan Burkitt-Gray some of what he plans to do with the money

Strategy first, but action always

05 May 2017

Ajay Chitkara, director and CEO of Bharti Airtel’s global voice and data business on the decisions and strategies of the company’s global wholesale business

Telia Carrier's Staffan Göjeryd: The key to staying relevant in an SDN and IoT world

08 Mar 2017

Staffan Göjeryd, CEO of Telia Carrier, explains to Jason McGee-Abe how the carrier’s global IP backbone is developing and stresses the importance of creating a dedicated network to leverage the evolving IoT environment.

TTI's Mehmet Toros: Growing partnerships and enhancing cooperation

08 Mar 2017

Mehmet Toros took over as CEO of Türk Telekom International (TTI) Group from Cengiz Oztelcan in November 2016, who left after four years in the role. Jason McGee-Abe interviewed him for Capacity about his first few months in the role and TTI’s strategic priorities in 2017.

Content is driving GCX’s network

07 Mar 2017

Global Cloud Xchange has invested in its Cumulous Network for Indian cloud services to support technology and finance customers in Chennai and Mumbai.