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Q&A with Anthony Voscarides, chief executive officer of Djibouti Data Center

06 Dec 2016

As Capacity learns that China Telecom Global has selected Djibouti Data Center (DDC) as a strategic hub for its pan-African expansion and has just installed its equipment, Jason McGee-Abe sat down with Anthony Voscarides, DDC’s CEO to find out more about the ever-growing opportunities of connecting Asia and Africa.

Pierre-Louis de Guillebon, CEO of Orange International Carriers: Voice transformation, security and innovation

07 Nov 2016

CEO Pierre-Louis de Guillebon talks to Jason McGee-Abe about Orange International Carriers’ voice transformation and the challenge of adapting to innovation.

Carl Grivner, CEO of Colt, on the company's year of change

07 Nov 2016

Carl Grivner, CEO of Colt, discusses his 2017 strategic priorities, expansion plans, and highlights the main challenges operating in Europe.

AAE-1’s Italian landing station breaks new ground

07 Nov 2016

With the Bari landing station a hot topic, Retelit discusses becoming an investor in the AAE-1 consortium and meeting the demand for interconnection.

Alessandro Talotta, chairman and CEO of Sparkle, on the Sicily Hub

06 Nov 2016

Alessandro Talotta, chairman and CEO of Sparkle, has been busy implementing its state of the art data centre - the Sicily Hub. Bill Boyle talks to him about strategy.

Q&A: Emre Erdem, Carrier Relations & Wholesale Director, Turkcell

19 Sep 2016

Emre Erdem, Turkcell's carrier relations & wholesale director, tells Capacity's Jason McGee-Abe about the operator's last 12 months, including a 4.5G launch and its wholesale-retail convergence drive

Q&A: Damien Staples, VP of global wholesale voice and roaming, BT

15 Jul 2016

Damien Staples, BT’s new VP of global wholesale voice and roaming, tells Capacity's Jason McGee-Abe how its move back into mobile has provided an opportunity to reflect on the way it serves global carriers

BIG INTERVIEW: Andrew Kwok, president, Hutchison Global Communications

14 Jul 2016

Hutchison Global Communications has a key role between content companies and the fixed and mobile operators whose customers consume the content. Andrew Kwok explains the importance of the partnership to Alan Burkitt-Gray

A life in the day of... Richard Grohol, COO, Globetouch

14 Jul 2016

The greatest challenge for Richard Grohol, chief operating officer of Globetouch, is spreading the word of Globetouch in an already crowded and convoluted connectivity market.

Q&A: Przemysaw Gagala, international sales director, Hawe Telekom

14 Jun 2016

Przemysaw Gagala, international sales director, Hawe Telekom shares the company's developments in the region with Capacity

Q&A: Marcin Raczkiewicz, regional director, Central & Eastern Europe, Tata Communications

14 Jun 2016

Marcin Raczkiewicz, regional director of Central & Eastern Europe at Tata Communications talks about its focus on its voice, data and media business

Telia challenging for top position: Brendan Ives, CEO, Telia Carrier

20 May 2016

Brendan Ives, CEO of Telia Carrier, discusses the company’s rebranding with Agnes Stubbs and says why pleasing his customers still remains a priority over chasing market share and rankings

A life in the day of... Chris Xavier, CEO and founder

22 Apr 2016

Chris Xavier, the brains behind UK telco Beehive Telecom, has launched Korubu, a software startup aimed at enabling businesses to tap into customer data and social interaction through their Wifi network.

CLOUD AND DATA CENTRES SPECIAL REPORT: Deutsche Telekom claims a European advantage

22 Apr 2016

Deutsche Telekom has launched its public cloud platform. Capacity's Agnes Stubbs asks Anette Bronder, MD of the digital division, why the offering stands out from US rivals

Driving value through innovation: Feddo Hazewindus, CEO, iBasis

22 Apr 2016

Industry veteran Feddo Hazewindus took over as CEO of iBasis at the beginning of 2016. He tells Agnes Stubbs why introducing value-added services will be a strategic focus

A life in the day of... Kenny Ewan, CEO and founder, WeFarm

24 Mar 2016

Launched about a year ago in 2015, WeFarm describes itself as “the internet for people with no internet”.

Q&A: Gabriel Holgado, SVP, global account division & wholesale services, Level 3 Communications, Latin Americas

16 Mar 2016

Level 3 Communications’ SVP, global account division & wholesale services, Gabriel Holgado, tells Capacity how Level 3 is going to focus on its core products in Latam and highlights seven major trends in the region.

Q&A: Mateo Ward, CEO, Neutrona Networks

16 Mar 2016

Neutrona Networks’ CEO, Mateo Ward, informs Capacity about its strategic priorities in Brazil and Mexico. Additionally, he explains what major trends he sees surfacing in the Latin American market this year and the key challenges being faced.

EXEC INTERVIEW: Ralph de la Vega, vice chairman, AT&T

15 Mar 2016

AT&T is now the biggest mobile provider in North America, covering the US and much of Mexico – but SDN is allowing it to take services worldwide, says vice chairman Ralph de la Vega.

Q&A: Juan Revilla, CEO, Wholesale Business Unit, Telefónica

15 Mar 2016

Telefónica’s CEO of wholesale business, Juan Revilla, tells Capacity what its strategic priorities are in Latin America for 2016. Additionally, he explains what major trends he sees surfacing in the Latin American market this year and the key challenges being faced.

Q&A: Michael Wheeler, executive vice president, global IP network, NTT Communications

14 Mar 2016

NTT Communications’ executive vice president, global IP network, Michael Wheeler, tells Capacity just how important the Latin American market is to the company and despite no official expansion plans, Argentina and Colombia have been highlighted in its corporate agenda as markets with opportunity.

Q&A: Alexandre Pelletier, head of innovation, Tata

10 Mar 2016

Alexandre Pelletier, head of innovation at Tata Communications, discusses the operator’s internet of things initiatives in India.

BIG INTERVIEW: Michael Ourabah, CEO, BSO Networks

09 Mar 2016

BSO Networks has ambitious plans to become the low latency provider of choice for financial institutions looking for access to emerging markets. Co-founder and CEO Michael Ourabah explains to Alex Hawkes how the operator is responding fast to market demand.

Q&A: Alessandro Talotta, CEO, TI Sparkle

01 Mar 2016

In January, Telecom Italia Sparkle became one of the first carriers to partner with the Telecommunication Infrastructure Company of Iran (TIC) since international sanctions were lifted on the country earlier this year. The memorandum of understanding between the two operators will see TI Sparkle expand its IP backbone to Iran, as well as establish a PoP in the country. Alessandro Talotta, CEO at TI Sparkle shares his thoughts on the move.

Q&A: Franck Simon, managing director, France-IX

01 Mar 2016

France-IX's managing director Franck Simon tells Capacity why its peering points in Paris and Marseille serve as a crucial gateway for the Middle East. Additionally, he explains how the company plans to meet increasing demand in the region for gaming.

Q&A: Ivo Ivanov, executive board member, DE-CIX International

01 Mar 2016

Last October, DE-CIX launched an internet exchange in Istanbul, Turkey in a bid to manage exchanges in the region. Its executive board member, Ivo Ivanov, shares the significance of its launch in the region.

Q&A: Omar Altaji, CCO, Hibernia Networks

01 Mar 2016

The Middle East to North America route is expected to see an annual growth of 39% in bandwidth demand. Omar Altaji, CCO at Hibernia Networks details why Hibernia Network is well-placed to serve that demand.

Q&A: Radwan Moussalli, SVP for Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, Tata Communications

26 Feb 2016

Tata Communications' Radwan Moussalli, SVP for Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, tells Capacity why the Middle East provides "better growth" and "value creation" opportunities than other regions. Moussalli explains how he aims to capitalise on that potential through partnerships for opex model managed services.

Q&A: Ali Amiri, EVP, Etisalat C&WS

25 Feb 2016

Etisalat saw major growth in 2015, and in particular made headway with its SDN strategy. Capacity talks to Ali Amiri, EVP of Etisalat’s Carrier & Wholesale Services (C&WS).

Q&A: Adel Al-Daylami, chief global business officer, Batelco

25 Feb 2016

The Middle East continues to be an attractive place for multinational companies seeking potential growth. Batelco's chief global business officer, Adel Al-Daylami, shares how it plans to meet the rapid growth of bandwidth as service providers seek to provide more for less in the region. One way it has done so is through its recent global network expansion.

Q&A: Andrew Grenville, founder and CEO, Orixcom

19 Feb 2016

Andrew Grenville, founder and CEO of network and cloud platform provider Orixcom, discusses the company's increasing focus on managed services in the Middle East and why he expects the shift to cloud and managed services to gather pace in the region.

Q&A: David Geary, head of legal and regulatory, Digicel

15 Feb 2016

Digicel has stated its intention to move from a pure telecoms operator to that of a communications and entertainment provider. Capacity speaks to David Geary, its head of legal and regulatory, about its strategic priorities for 2016 as well as its ambitions in enterprise services such as cloud and M2M.

Q&A: Janice Lee, managing director, PCCW Media Group

12 Jan 2016

Janice Lee, managing director of PCCW Media Group, talks to Capacity about the launch of its latest OTT video service, Viu, and its future development strategy.

Playing for the winning team: Brendan Ives, TeliaSonera International Carrier

08 Jan 2016

A strong year for TeliaSonera saw its CEO Brendan Ives take to the stage to collect a Global Carrier Award. He tells Agnes Stubbs why investing in customer service will set the carrier apart in 2016.


08 Jan 2016

Dino Andreou, CEO at OTEGLOBE talks to Capacity about the company’s involvement in the ‘blockbuster’ AAE1 cable system.

A life in the day of... Alex Brisbourne, CEO and co-founder, KORE

08 Jan 2016

Founded in 2003, KORE is a technology specialist focussed on the machine-to-machine and internet-of-things sector.