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A life in day of...Paul Terry, service delivery manager, Colt

12 Nov 2015

Paul Terry, service delivery manager at Colt, is the man responsible for the company’s network infrastructure and external operations across Europe.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Steve Spengler, CEO, Intelsat

12 Nov 2015

Half a century after Intelsat launched its first telecoms satellite, the company is about to embark on its next, most innovative generation. CEO Steve Spengler talks to Capacity about its EpicNG satellites.

Q&A: Eric Loos, senior product manager, capacity and IP, BICS

10 Nov 2015

Eric Loos, senior product manager of capacity and IP at BICS, talks to Capacity about the company's latest offering, Routeflex, and the benefits of operating in the African marketplace.

Q&A: Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO, Epsilon

30 Oct 2015

In October, Epsilon announced the departure of its group CEO Andreas Hipp with Jerzy Szlosarek and Madhigubba Gopal Jayasimha taking over as CEO of Epsilon Telecommunications and Cataleya respectively.

Q&A: Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO, Hibernia Networks

30 Oct 2015

After much anticipation, Hibernia Networks finally launched its Hibernia Express transatlantic cable in September 2015.

Q&A: Robert Wiesheu, VP quality assurance solutions at CSG International

30 Oct 2015

Robert Wiesheu, VP of quality assurance solutions at CSG International, talks to Capacity about the company's SIM-Box detection solutions and the development of protection against fraud across the industry.

Q&A: Sarah Fane, founder and CEO, Afghan Connection

30 Oct 2015

Sarah Fane, founder and CEO at Afghan Connection, talks to Capacity about the charity’s early beginnings and how it is now transforming the lives of thousands of children across Afghanistan.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Mardia van der Walt, SVP, Deutsche Telekom ICSS

29 Oct 2015

The new SVP of Deutsche Telekom ICSS Mardia van der Walt-Korsten talks to Capacity about her career and the challenge of moving to wholesale.

Q&A: Michael Wheeler, EVP, global IP network business unit, NTT Communications

29 Oct 2015

Michael Wheeler, EVP, global IP network business unit, NTT Communications, talks to Capacity about acquisitions, 100G and the never-ending OTT debate

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Ellie Sweeney, head of global wholesale, Telstra

29 Oct 2015

Telstra’s new head of global wholesale Ellie Sweeney discusses growth opportunities in Asia.

BIG INTERVIEW: Carl Grivner, Colt Technology Services

28 Oct 2015

Carl Grivner was an early pioneer of SDN during his time at Pacnet. He again has fierce ambitions for the next-generation technology at his new company Colt Technology Services, where he is soon to become CEO.

Q&A: Michelle Bourque and André Beaulieu, BCE Nexxia

27 Oct 2015

Capacity catches up with André Beaulieu, president of BCE Nexxia, a Bell Canada company, and Michelle Bourque, SVP of product, marketing and access strategy, to talk about the company’s activity in Canada’s diverse telecoms market over the last year

Q&A: Andrus Ansip, VP for the Digital Single Market, European Commission

27 Oct 2015

European service providers will play a vital role in the Digital Single Market, but they must act quickly. Capacity exclusively talks to Andrus Ansip, European Commission VP for the Digital Single Market.

A life in the day of...Sean O'Donnell, managing director, EMEA, SevOne

27 Aug 2015

Established in 2005 and based in the US, SevOne is an infrastructure performance monitoring platform designed to “address the needs of today’s most connected global companies”, says the company’s MD of activity in EMEA, Sean O’Donnell.

Q&A: Perry Offer, CEO, Dialogue

27 Aug 2015

Perry Offer, CEO at Dialogue, explains how operators and aggregators can work more effectively together to tap into new A2P messaging opportunities.

Q&A: Chris Wood, CEO, WIOCC

26 Aug 2015

As WIOCC prepares to launch another internet exchange point in Lesotho, Capacity's Agnes Stubbs catches up with the company’s CEO, Chris Wood, to find out more about its expansion plans for the region.

Greg Wyler, OneWeb: Shooting for the stars

26 Aug 2015

Satellite entrepreneur Greg Wyler has made it his mission to connect the most remote parts of the world. He speaks to Agnes Stubbs about his latest venture OneWeb and what it takes to fulfil the mission.

Q&A: John Vladimir Slamecka, regional VP of Europe, Middle East and Africa, AT&T

21 Aug 2015

John Vladimir Slamecka, AT&T's regional vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa, speaks to Capacity about his predictions for the global wholesale access market.

BIG INTERVIEW: Clint Heiden, CCO, EdgeConneX

02 Jul 2015

EdgeConneX has built a name for itself in the US data centre market by localising content in Tier 2 markets. The company’s CCO Clint Heiden reveals how it plans to bring its unique distribution model to Europe.

Q&A: Markus Borchert, SVP of market Europe, Nokia Networks

02 Jul 2015

Markus Borchert was appointed SVP of market Europe at Nokia Networks in April. He talks to Capacity about the company’s latest data centre and cloud solutions as well as its acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent.

A life in the day of…Jesse Moore, managing director and co-founder, M-KOPA Solar

01 Jul 2015

Kenyans collectively spend more than $1 billion each year on off-grid energy substitutes; kerosene fuel for lighting, for example. That is, until October 2012 when Jesse Moore and his team launched M-KOPA Solar; a ‘pay-per-use’ solar system and mobile payment service created to effectively make solar energy the cheapest power option.

BIG INTERVIEW: Deng Xiaofeng, CEO, China Telecom Global

30 Jun 2015

Chinese investment continues to pour overseas, presenting a major opportunity for the international arm of China Telecom to support Chinese enterprises. Agnes Stubbs exclusively talks to China Telecom Global CEO Deng Xiaofeng.

BIG INTERVIEW: Nick Ford, president of carrier services, IDT

26 May 2015

IDT’s president of carrier services and endurance motorcyclist enthusiast Nick Ford discusses the long-lasting appeal of the voice market. He talks to Alex Hawkes.

Q&A with Roman Pacewicz, SVP, marketing and global strategy, AT&T

26 May 2015

As AT&T prepares to launch the first ever US and Mexico mobile service area, Capacity catches up with company’s SVP of marketing and global strategy Roman Pacewicz to learn more about its expansion plans for Latin America.

Q&A: Franck Simon, MD, France-IX

22 May 2015

Franck Simon, MD at France-IX, talks to Capacity about partnership opportunities in the Middle East and Africa.

Paolo Campoli, Cisco: The sky's the limit

21 May 2015

Capacity talks to Paolo Campoli, head of Middle East & Africa of service provider sales and service provider CTO for the EMEA sales region at Cisco, about the opportunities for service providers in cloud services and the internet of things.

FUTURE OF VOICE SPECIAL REPORT: Building a quality future

21 May 2015

A new focus on quality looks poised to reinvigorate the voice market. As opportunities such as VoLTE, HD voice and voice over Wifi come down the pipeline, can these new services drive traffic and boost revenues? Guy Matthews investigates.

BIG INTERVIEW: Andrew Dodsworth, managing director, BT Global Telecom Markets

12 May 2015

BT Global Telecom Markets has a new managing director. Andrew Dodsworth talks to Capacity about his plans to make the carrier a stronger force around the world, and looks back fondly on his days as a camera salesman.

The real deal: Martijn Blanken, group MD and CCO, global enterprise & services, Telstra

01 May 2015

Hot off the back of what is arguably the year’s most exciting wholesale deal – Telstra’s acquisition of Pacnet – Laura Hedges catches up with Martijn Blanken, group MD and CCO of global enterprise & services at Telstra.

MANAGED SERVICES SPECIAL REPORT 2015: Anthony Bartolo, Tata Communications: A helping hand

19 Mar 2015

When Tata Communications sought to boost its stake in the market for managed services, it turned to Anthony Bartolo.

Q&A: Gagun Gahir, director of carrier services Middle East and Africa, IDT

11 Mar 2015

Gagun Gahir, director of carrier services Middle East and Africa at IDT, talks to Capacity about the company's operations across the Middle East.

Q&A: Alessandro Talotta, CEO, TI Sparkle

11 Mar 2015

Capacity Middle East Day 2: TI Sparkle CEO Alessandro Talotta, talks to Capacity about the launch of its new hub facility in the Mediterranean.

Q&A: Andrew Grenville, CEO, Orixcom

10 Mar 2015

Capacity Middle East Day 2: Andrew Grenville, CEO at Orixcom, talks about operating in the region and the practical implementation of the cloud.

Q&A: Anthony Voscarides, CEO, Djibouti Data Center

10 Mar 2015

Capacity Middle East Day 2: Djibouti Data Center's Anthony Voscarides discusses some of the company's strategic priorities for the Middle East this year.

Q&A: Adel Al-Daylami, general manager, enterprise division, Batelco

10 Mar 2015

Capacity Middle East Day 1: Adel Al-Daylami, general manager, enterprise division at Batelco, talks about the company's contribution to global connectivity.

Q&A: Ivo Ivanov, executive board member, DE-CIX International

10 Mar 2015

Capacity Middle East Day 1 - Ivo Ivanov, executive board member at DE-CIX International, talks about developing Dubai as a digital hub in the Middle East.

Q&A: Peter Hobbs, head of global wholesale, Telstra

09 Mar 2015

Capacity Middle East Day 1: Peter Hobbs, head of global wholesale, Telstra, talks about growth opportunities across the Middle East.

A life in the day of...Sebastien Deletaille, founder and CEO at Real Impact Analytics

02 Mar 2015

A former consultant in the telecoms space at McKinsey & Co, Belgian entrepreneur Sebastien Deletaille founded Real Impact Analytics (RIA) in September 2010, having observed a profitable gap in the market.

Rangu Salgame, Tata Commmunications: Playing the innovation card

27 Feb 2015

Rangu Salgame, CEO of Tata Communications' Growth Ventures Group, took charge of the company's Service Provider Group in October. For the first time he shares his views on wholesale with Agnes Stubbs.

Q&A: Dora Mejia, NewCom International

10 Feb 2015

Capacity talks with Dora Mejia, VP of sales and business development at NewCom International.

Q&A: Mike Jonas, LightRiver Technologies

28 Jan 2015

Q&A with Mike Jonas, president marketing & sales at California-based LightRiver Technologies.

Q&A: Patrick Coughlin, FirstLight Fiber

27 Jan 2015

Q&A with Patrick Coughlin, SVP sales & marketing, FirstLight Fiber.

Q&A: Tim Kiser, Colo Atl

27 Jan 2015

Q&A with Tim Kiser, owner and founder, Colo Atl.

Talal Said Marhoon Al Mamari, Omantel: New Year, new Oman

15 Jan 2015

After a successful 2014, Omantel is preparing for an even more exciting 2015. Laura Hedges catches up with the company’s new CEO, Talal Said Marhoon Al Mamari.

Yves Ruggeri, SubOptic/Orange: Water under the bridge

14 Jan 2015

As president of the next SubOptic conference, Yves Ruggeri will need to call on all his powers to make a diverse bunch of attendees stay in tune.