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Q&A: Justin Williams, AT&T – Total disaster recovery

02 Dec 2014

In a top-secret location in England’s south west, AT&T houses its network disaster recovery (NDR) unit. During an exclusive visit to the facility, Capacity spoke to Justin Williams, director of NDR team international at AT&T, about the uses for such a facility.

Q&A: Rob Lawson, IDT Messaging – IDT’s IP movement

28 Nov 2014

In May 2014, IDT Corporation launched IDT Messaging, a white-label OTT messaging service that combines IP and SMS messaging. Rob Lawson, COO at IDT Messaging, explains how the service differs from rival offerings from OTT players, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype.

Q&A: Christine Pop, Allstream – Canada comes of age

27 Nov 2014

Capacity talks to Christine Pop, GM, Global Carrier Solutions, Allstream, on the drivers that have seen the Canadian wholesale market mature.

Bob Fox, IBM Global Business Services: 21st Century Fox

24 Nov 2014

As global industry leader of telecoms and media & entertainment at IBM Global Business Services (GBS), Bob Fox has developed strong opinions on some of the growing trends in the telecoms industry.

A life in the day of... Ryan Sher, COO, WIOCC

20 Nov 2014

A WIOCC employee from its very earliest days, Ryan Sher, chief operating officer at the company, knows a thing or two about building from the ground up.

Hidehiko Tajima, KDDI: Changing for the better

20 Nov 2014

As CEO of KDDI Global Business, Hidehiko Tajima has overseen expansion into markets including Mongolia and Myanmar. Alex Hawkes reports.

Q&A: Andrew Kwok, Hutchison Global Communications – Harnessing the cloud

20 Nov 2014

Capacity Asia day 3 – Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) grabbed the award for best cloud innovation with its ibizCloud platform at the Global Carrier Awards. Andrew Kwok, president of the international and carrier business, explains why the service has gained traction.

Q&A: Jim Fagan, Pacnet – Reaping the benefits of SDN

19 Nov 2014

Capacity Asia day 2 – Pacnet scooped the award for best Asian wholesale carrier at the recent Global Carrier Awards 2014. Jim Fagan, president of managed services, explains how the carrier has used software-defined networking (SDN) to bolster its offering.

Q&A: Michael Wheeler, NTT Communications – Wholesale success

18 Nov 2014

Capacity Asia day 1 – NTT Communications took the awards for best North American wholesale carrier and global wholesale data carrier at the Global Carrier Awards. Michael Wheeler, EVP and head of the global IP network business, explains the secrets of the company’s success in the wholesale arena.

Katia Gonzalez, BICS and i3forum: Spreading the word

11 Nov 2014

Katia Gonzalez has been working tirelessly to raise awareness of fraud in the wholesale sector, both in her role as head of i3forum’s Fraud Workstream and as head of fraud operations at BICS.

Jonathan Wright, Interoute: Adding depth

05 Nov 2014

Capacity Europe day 3 – With its buyout of network operator Vtesse, Interoute now has the UK footprint it has long desired and a new customer base for its VDC cloud services, says VP service provider Jonathan Wright.

Q&A: Frank Orlowski, DE-CIX – Upgrading the Frankfurt hub

05 Nov 2014

Capacity Europe day 3 – Germany’s DE-CIX has upgraded its Apollon internet exchange platform in Frankfurt, in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent. Capacity speaks to Frank Orlowski, CMO at DE-CIX, to find out the finer details of the project and the impact he expects it to have.

Q&A: Leonardo Cerciello, TI Sparkle – TI Sparkles with new African PoPs

04 Nov 2014

Capacity Europe day 2 – In June 2014, Telecom Italia Sparkle launched a PoP in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in partnership with TTCL (Tanzania Telecoms Company). Capacity catches up with Leonardo Cerciello, VP of MEA and Asia-Pacific at the company, to discover some of the reasons behind the launch.

Rob Bath, Digital Realty: Realty check

04 Nov 2014

Europe is set to be a major focus for Digital Realty over the next couple of years, says VP engineering EMEA Rob Bath. Alex Hawkes gets the inside story from one of the architects of the company’s success.

Q&A: Stuart Evers, Türk Telekom International: A real EurAsian connection

03 Nov 2014

Capacity Europe day 1 – Türk Telekom International’s chief sales executive, Stuart Evers, talks to Capacity about the company’s recent partnerships with Asia and the development of its European operations.

David Rowan, Wired magazine: Totally wired

03 Nov 2014

Capacity Europe day 1 – When Wired editor David Rowan talks about the future, people listen. Today's keynote speaker at Capacity Europe offers Guy Matthews some insights into where telcos can fit in to a connected universe.

Q&A: Stefan Amon, Telekom Austria Group – Momentum with MPLS

03 Nov 2014

Capacity Europe day 1 – Telekom Austria Group’s Stefan Amon, director wholesale, talks to Capacity about the advancements of its MPLS services.

Q&A: Onno Bos, AMS-IX – Into Africa

16 Oct 2014

Capacity catches up with AMS-IX’s Onno Bos, sales director at the company, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to talk about their recently launched internet exchange in Mombasa, Kenya: the AMS-IX East Africa Exchange Point.

Len Padilla, NTT Europe Q&A: Giving control of the network to the customer

08 Oct 2014

On the back of today’s announcement from NTT Communications, Capacity caught up NTT Europe’s VP of product strategy Len Padilla to learn more about the service.

Geoff Bennett, Infinera Q&A: Xpress delivery

01 Oct 2014

Infinera launched its Cloud Xpress portfolio last month, in a bid to better enable network operators to deliver cloud-based services worldwide. Here, Geoff Bennett – director of solutions and technology at Infinera – speaks exclusively to Capacity about the thought process behind the launch.

Nick Clarke, Spark: A bright spark

11 Sep 2014

Ideas man Nick Clarke, GM of wholesale and international at Spark (formerly Telecom NZ), is using his philosophy to drive the company’s rebrand into the digital age.

Neil McRae, BT: Driving force

11 Aug 2014

He's never happier than when he's got his hands covered in motor oil. So what is Neil McRae going to make of a clean, well-ordered world where everything is seamlessly driven by software? Guy Matthews interviews BT's chief network architect.

Nicole Anderson, AT&T CSR Q&A: Aspire

04 Aug 2014

Q&A with Nicole Anderson, executive director of philanthropy at AT&T.

Ashok Rao, O3b Networks: Quick Thinking

30 Jul 2014

Can satellite really be the "fibre of the sky"? Ashok Rao, VP of product development at O3b Networks, explains how the operator is revolutionising satellite speeds through utilising medium earth orbit.

Bill Barney, Global Cloud Xchange Company Strategy: Capturing tomorrow’s digital stars

21 Jul 2014

Reliance Globalcom made its intentions clear by rebranding to Global Cloud Xchange. CEO Bill Barney explains how cloud can help carriers capture the next generation of OTT players.

Eric Cevis, Verizon Global Wholesale: Reversing the tide

18 Jul 2014

Eric Cevis, Verizon’s new president of global wholesale, has been tasked with leading the struggling segment back to growth. Is he up to the challenge?

Michel Guyot, Tata Communications: Taking the lead

30 Jun 2014

The next generation of wholesale needs good leaders, combining vision with operational aptitude, says Michel Guyot, president of global voice solutions at Tata Communications. But what sort of landscape will they be operating in?

Rene Dufrene, AT&T Business Solutions: Ahead in the cloud

17 Jun 2014

Has AT&T developed a solution that addresses the barriers to cloud adoption without compromising on any of the dynamic values of the cloud? Capacity talks to Rene Dufrene, AVP of network-enabled cloud at AT&T Business Solutions, to find out.

Brian Fitzpatrick, Vodafone Carrier Services: A year to remember

12 Jun 2014

ITW 2014 marked Vodafone Carrier Services' first full year of operation. The company’s CEO Brian Fitzpatrick shares his thoughts on the last 12 months with Capacity.

Marc Halbfinger, PCCW Global Company Strategy: Certified to grow

11 Jun 2014

As carriers continue to target international growth, Marc Halbfinger, CEO at PCCW Global talks to Capacity about the company’s expansion strategy.

Shawn Henry, CrowdStrike: The cybercrime buster

11 Jun 2014

Telcos are uniquely positioned to play a key part in the global battle against cybercrime, says former FBI man Shawn Henry. Capacity hears about his tireless battle against a relentless tide of “adversaries”.

Michael Wheeler, NTT Com Exceutive Interview: Strategic growth pays local dividends

10 Jun 2014

Capacity talks to NTT Communications’ Michael Wheeler about incremental growth internationally, continued innovation and the approach of net neutrality.

Bjørn Iversen, Telenor Global Services Company Strategy: Future IPX-pectations

10 Jun 2014

Telenor Global Services’ CEO Bjørn Iversen talks to Capacity about the growing opportunity for IPX and how the company is implementing the service globally.

Juan Revilla, Telefónica Global Solutions: The opportunist

06 Jun 2014

Opportunities both new and old are out there for carriers, says Juan Revilla, CEO of wholesale business for Telefónica Global Solutions. Capacity finds out how he plans to grasp them.

Pete Oliver, BT CSR Q&A: Right Click

06 Jun 2014

Pete Oliver, commercial director of BT’s consumer division, talks to Capacity about the Right Click initiative set up by BT and UNICEF UK.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee: The founder of the World Wide Web

02 Jun 2014

The principle of an open internet is facing its biggest ever threat. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web and VIP keynote speaker at ITW 2014, talks to Capacity about the evolution of his creation 25 years on.

Phil Meeks, TWC Business Services: A new chapter

27 May 2014

The merger between Time Warner Cable and Comcast has some major implications for wholesale as well as cable. Capacity speaks to the COO and EVP of TWC Business Services, Phil Meeks.

Richard Oosterom, Colt Technology Services Q&A: Keeping voice in tune

23 May 2014

Following Colt’s decision to exit carrier voice trading and focus on the enterprise side of the segment, Capacity spoke to Richard Oosterom, EVP of voice services at Colt Technology Services about the company’s voice service restructure.

SPONSORED Q&A Irwin Fouwels, Expereo: Key trends in enterprise networking

23 May 2014

Q&A with Irwin Fouwels, head of global sales at Expereo International, discussing the key trends in enterprise networking and why you should embrace hybrid WAN solutions.

Ali Amiri, Etisalat: A global hub in the Gulf

26 Mar 2014

Ali Amiri, EVP wholesale and carrier services at Etisalat, talks to Capacity about UAE’s increasing presence as a technology hub for the Middle East.

Brendan Ives, TeliaSonera International Carrier: Bridging the east-west divide

25 Mar 2014

In his first major interview since taking the helm at TeliaSonera International Carrier, Brendan Ives sets out his plans for the Middle East and beyond. Richard Irving reports.

Gerd Leonhard, futurist: The future's bright?

17 Mar 2014

World-renowned “futurist” Gerd Leonhard has some bold predictions for the telecoms industry. Alex Hawkes reports.

Yousuf Al Kubaisi, Ooredoo: Global Transformation

05 Mar 2014

Ooredoo has big plans for wholesale. Alex Hawkes talks to the company's chief wholesale and international officer, Yousuf Al Kubaisi.

Sanjay Nayak, Pacnet: A fundamental shift

25 Feb 2014

Sanjay Nayak says Pacnet wants to bring harmony and consistency to Asia’s market for Carrier Ethernet. Guy Matthews interviews an evangelist and strategiser.

Elisabetta Ripa, TI Sparkle: Putting the sparkle into wholesale

16 Jan 2014

TI Sparkle's CEO Elisabetta Ripa is bringing a fresh focus on customer care to wholesale.