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Chema Alonso, Eleven Paths: The security guru

03 Dec 2013

A former poster boy for the hacking community, Chema Alonso is bringing his huge expertise on security to the telecoms community. Capacity catches up with the CEO and founder of Eleven Paths.

David Jan Aris, Liberty Global: The next Euro star

29 Nov 2013

Liberty Global has emerged as a major player in the European wholesale market in 2013. Alex Hawkes speaks exclusively to the company’s director of enterprise and wholesale, David Jan Aris, about how M&A activity is transforming the continent.

Magnus Lindkvist: The trendspotter

27 Nov 2013

Nothing in the digital world is as it seems. Magnus Lindkvist, a self-proclaimed trendspotter tells Kavit Majithia why.

Christine Pop, Allstream: Allstream ahead

31 Oct 2013

With Allstream's proposed sale to Accelero Capital Holdings recently blocked by the Canadian government, Capacity catches up with the company’s general manager for global carrier solutions, Christine Pop, to discover how it is finding a competitive edge in the Canadian market.

Cengiz Öztelcan, Türk Telekom International: Streamlined for Success

28 Oct 2013

In his first in-depth interview since becoming acting CEO of Türk Telekom International in May, Cengiz Öztelcan talks exclusively to Capacity about the company's high-growth strategy since its rebranding earlier this year.

Brian Fitzpatrick, Vodafone Carrier Services: Starting from the top

21 Oct 2013

In his first in-depth interview since taking the reins at Vodafone Carrier Services this May, Brian Fitzpatrick exclusively reveals what one of the largest and most powerful mobile operators on the planet is doing in wholesale.

Doug Gourlay, Arista Networks: Programming the future of SDN

02 Sep 2013

There is no future in a network that cannot be programmed, believes Doug Gourlay, VP of technology marketing and systems engineering at startup vendor Arista Networks.

Carl Grivner, Pacnet: Reaching for the skies

30 Aug 2013

Pacnet's troubles are now far behind them. In the space of a year, CEO Carl Grivner has given the company a bold new sense of direction. Alex Hawkes discovers how.

Satellite Communications Special: Uniting the satellite ecosystem

08 Jul 2013

The satellite industry needs to visualise itself as an ecosystem, and work with a greater sense of common purpose says Steve Spengler, Intelsat’s president and chief commercial officer.

Jim Clarke, Telstra Global: Managing the growth cycle

02 Jul 2013

Growth and innovation are quite simply the only route to success in wholesale, believes Jim Clarke. Alex Hawkes speaks to Telstra Global's head of wholesale about tapping into the growth cycle.

Gary Breauninger, Level 3: Crossing the wholesale divide

22 May 2013

Level 3's appointment of Gary Breauninger as its new wholesale chief not only reflects the company's increased focus on the segment, but also on the continuing success of its integration with Global Crossing. Kavit Majithia reports.

Karen Freitag, Sprint: Sprinting towards a new era

22 May 2013

Sprint's long term future remains in doubt with two takeover bids on the table, just as its new wholesale strategy begins to gather pace. Karen Freitag, the company's new VP of global sales tells Kavit Majithia of her plans to lead innovation in the segment.

Professor Hartwig Tauber, FTTH Council Europe: Dedicated follower of fibre

18 Mar 2013

The FTTH Council Europe has had to get creative with its approach to encouraging European operators to deploy fibre networks. As Alex Hawkes discovers, the council's director general Professor Hartwig Tauber is not short of ideas.

Frank Cuccio, TE SubCom: Taking risk management to new depths

10 Jan 2013

TE SubCom has spent decades perfecting new ways to minimise the risks facing submarine cable systems. Guy Matthews talks to VP of marine services, Frank Cuccio, about the dangers facing this essential infrastructure.

Gareth Williams, Interoute: Walking on cloud nine

10 Jan 2013

Interoute thrived in 2012, but the company’s CEO Gareth Williams only has his sights set on the future. He explains to Alex Hawkes his vision of virtualisation.