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Chris Wood, WIOCC: Lion's share of Africa's market

13 Nov 2012

Chris Wood has overseen the remarkable rise of one of the largest subsea cable consortium groups in telecoms today. The WIOCC CEO shares his African adventure with Kavit Majithia.

Dino Andreou, OTEGLOBE: Turning Greek tragedy into triumph

10 Nov 2012

The success of OTEGLOBE this year has been made all the more special given the backdrop of turmoil in Greece. The company’s CEO, Dino Andreou, talks to Alex Hawkes.

Steve Haines, BT Wholesale: The youngest veteran in wholesale

22 Oct 2012

From BT’s first steps in wholesale to the era of the full managed services portfolio, the company’s MD of strategic business development Steve Haines has seen it all.

Ben Vos, Sprint Nextel: The sky's the limit for wholesale cloud

16 Oct 2012

Sprint Nextel has demonstrated its commitment to wholesale with the launch of its Wholesale Cloud Services this May. Ben Vos, VP of wholesale business operations at Sprint Nextel, explains to Gareth Willmer why he believes this is the most dynamic segment of telecoms to be working in right now.

Allan Chan, Tata Communications: The midfield maestro

10 Oct 2012

Tata’s commitment to the emerging markets and traditional wholesale services is unrivalled globally. Allan Chan, president of global carrier solutions, tells Kavit Majithia how he plans to orchestrate the company’s next phase of growth.

John D’Ambrosia, Ethernet Alliance: Life in the fast lane

13 Sep 2012

Fuelled by energy drinks and a passion for high-speed Ethernet, John D’Ambrosia has dedicated his existence to bringing unity to an often fragmented networking industry.

Jeff Edlund, HP CMS: Trendy networks

03 Sep 2012

The move to IP is aligning the telecoms and ICT worlds ever closer together. Alex Hawkes talks to the CTO of HP CMS, Jeff Edlund, to gain a deeper insight into the technologies radically transforming networks.

Chandan Ghosh, Aircel: The risk taker

06 Aug 2012

Risks must be taken if wholesale is to survive, says Aircel’s head of business solutions, Chandan Ghosh. Here he shares his views with Kavit Majithia on the shifting paradigm between the wholesale segment and the rest of telecoms.

Nic Rudnick, Liquid Telecom: The man who broke Zimbabwe's monopoly

18 Jun 2012

Fighting stringent African monopolies as a telecoms lawyer was just the first step for Nic Rudnick, CEO at Liquid Telecom. He explains to Kavit Majithia about his passionate commitment to bringing connectivity to the masses across Africa in the face of restrictive regulatory environments.

Capacity interviews José Gutiérrez, EVP wholesale, AT&T

11 Jun 2012

AT&T surprised veteran industry observers in May when it announced a management reshuffle that saw José Gutiérrez replace Kathryn Morrissey as head of wholesale. In this, his first interview since taking on the role, the new chief outlines his priorities.

Mike Millegan, Verizon Global Wholesale: Leader of the pack

24 May 2012

Mike Millegan honed his competitive edge as a defensive cornerback with the Angelo “Rams”. Winning the race to 100G was just as important, he tells Richard Irving.

Kathryn Morrissey, AT&T: Wholesaling past and present

10 May 2012

From junior high school teacher to head of one of the largest wholesale divisions in telecoms, Kathryn Morrissey has seen it all. Here, the EVP of wholesale at AT&T gives Kavit Majithia a lesson in how to survive a very public break-up.

Mark Amoss, BT international voice: Vibrant about voice

01 Mar 2012

If revenues from voice services are ultimately doomed, someone forgot to tell Mark Amoss. Alex Hawkes talks to BT’s general manager of international voice sales and works.

Marc Halbfinger, PCCW Global: The cost of capacity

17 Feb 2012

Carriers are increasingly investing capital on a fixed basis and receiving a less than favourable variable return. Here Marc Halbfinger, CEO at PCCW Global, shares some perspective on profit with Alex Hawkes.

Sunit Patel, Level 3 Communications: Consolidating big business

11 Jan 2012

With a wealth of financial experience both in telecoms and on Wall Street, Sunit Patel, CFO and EVP at Level 3 Communications, tells Kavit Majithia where he sees the company’s next big profit wave coming from.