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Deep Blue Cable, TE SubCom to build new fibre-optic subsea system
12 Jul 2017

Deep Blue Cable, the developer, owner and operator of a state-of-the-art subsea fibre-optic system providing connectivity across the Caribbean islands and to the Americas, has announced that it has contracted with TE SubCom to build and deploy the Deep Blue subsea cable system.

Infinera XTS-3300 Meshponder delivers 19Tb of capacity on trans-Atlantic route
12 Jul 2017

Infinera has announced the successful completion of a subsea field trial with a major subsea network provider on a modern trans-Atlantic route. The field trial was conducted with the Infinera XTS-3300 meshponder and demonstrated the potential of 19 terabits per second (19T) per fibre pair, delivering the highest spectral efficiency on a major trans-Atlantic route to operate with stable, commercial-ready performance margin.

Green data centre innovation from Athens
11 Jul 2017

Data centre firm Lamda Hellix has been recognised for its Athens, Greece campus with a Bravo Sustainability award for “International Innovation in Green Technology”.

Openreach reveals next steps for BT split
11 Jul 2017

Openreach has revealed the next steps of its separation from BT, including new branding that is completely distinct from the BT Group, a symbolic step for the company.

Final splice completed for Seabras-1
11 Jul 2017

Seaborn Networks, a leading developer-owner-operator of submarine cable systems, announced it has completed the final splice for Seabras-1, which is the only direct PoP to PoP submarine cable system between São Paulo, Brazil, and New York, US.

Marseille: a critical hub
11 Jul 2017

Marseille, one of the leading subsea hubs in the world, is set to host Capacity’s maiden Subsea Connect event in mid-July. The city is home to a plethora of diverse routes and is a landing point concentrating traffic coming in from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Belgium regulators propose open networks
10 Jul 2017

In an attempt to manage competition in the wholesale broadband and TV market, Belgium’s telecom regulator BIPT and the regional media regulators have called for the opening up of networks further to include also fixed telephony.

Axtel unveils $68m data centre investment plan for Mexico
10 Jul 2017

Axtel has unveiled plans to invest up to $68 million to build data centre facilities in Mexico, having already spent $24.7 million on a facility at the Parque Tecnológico Innovación Querétaro, in the Latin American country.

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