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ANALYSIS: Revenue sharing model brings alternate route to the Middle East
14 Nov 2014

Numerous projects have tried and failed to establish an alternative terrestrial route for traffic between Europe and the Middle East that avoids the Suez Canal. But has the Alternative Middle East & European Route (AMEER) finally navigated its way successfully round the region’s political hurdles, by means of an innovative new consortium model?

ANALYSIS: The MNO struggle with A2P
14 Nov 2014

Mobile operators are struggling to enter into the elusive application-to-person (A2P) SMS market, following the collapse in revenues generated from person-to-person (P2P) services, according to a recent industry report.

ZTE could lose Ethio Telecom contract
14 Nov 2014

The Ethiopian government has warned ZTE that it may withdraw from a large contract it placed with the Chinese vendor last year, following concerns over changes to the prices ZTE is proposing to charge.

BT to phase out wholesale division?
14 Nov 2014

British incumbent BT is planning to abandon its wholesale unit and incorporate the division into its Openreach subsidiary, the Telegraph reports.

Jasmine International launches IPO
14 Nov 2014

Thai telecoms group Jasmine International has announced plans to raise up to $1.98 billion through an infrastructure fund IPO.

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