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Nawras signs two more credit facilities
20 Feb 2013

Omani telco Nawras has signed two additional bilateral revolving credit facility agreements totalling $51.8 million with a three-year tenure.

Kabel Deutschland set to scrap Tele Colombus takeover
20 Feb 2013

Vodafone target, Kabel Deutschland, could be set to abandon its €618 million acquisition of rival Tele Colombus due to regulatory concerns that the deal would affect competition in the German cable market.

France Telecom sees drop in net profits
20 Feb 2013

France Telecom’s net profit plummeted from €3.8 billion in 2011, to €820 million last year in part due to a €1.84 billion impairment charge in three international markets.

UK 4G auction falls below expectations
20 Feb 2013

The UK airwave auction has fallen well below early estimates after only raising £2.3 billion with five bidders successfully acquiring spectrum.

TOT to launch 3G services
19 Feb 2013

TOT, Thailand’s state-owned telco, is said to be launching its portfolio of 3G services at the end of this week.

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