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Belgacom extends 4G network in Belgium
04 Jul 2012

Belgacom has extended the roll-out of its 4G network to five additional cities in Belgium, just over a year after it launched its first 4G service in the country.

NTT launches Milan PoP
04 Jul 2012

NTT Communications has extended its Tier 1 global IP network into Italy with a Milan PoP, in a move that was first revealed by Capacity in April.

NGMN and GTI to cooperate on LTE
04 Jul 2012

The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance and Global TD LTE Initiative (GTI) have finalised a cooperation agreement to collaborate on progressing LTE technology.

Colt expands presence in Spain
03 Jul 2012

Colt has expanded its network infrastructure in Spain to reach the cities of Zaragoza, Castellón de la Plana, Sevilla and Malaga and improved the speed of its low latency route from Madrid to other European financial hubs.

Zayo completes AboveNet acquisition
02 Jul 2012

Zayo Group has announced today that it has completed its acquisition of AboveNet, bringing to a close one of the biggest acquisitions ever seen in the metro fibre market.

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