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ANALYSIS: The end of European IRUs?
19 Nov 2012

As a number of IRUs come to an end in the coming months, could the dynamics of the European fibre market be about to radically change?

Ofcom plans for 5G in the UK
19 Nov 2012

UK regulator Ofcom is reportedly already planning for 5G mobile networks, just a week after announcing the date for its 4G auction.

GBI CEO joins PTC board
19 Nov 2012

The CEO of Gulf Bridge International (GBI), Ahmed Mekky, has joined the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) board of governors.

India to hold another 2G auction next year
16 Nov 2012

The Indian government intends to hold another spectrum auction by March 31 after a large quantity of airwaves were left unsold in this week’s 1800MHz 2G auction, telecoms minister Kapil Sibal said today.

Friday Network News: November 16
16 Nov 2012

Capacity brings you the latest network news. If you have network developments you'd like us to share, please tweet us @capacitymag or email

India’s 2G auction disappoints
15 Nov 2012

India’s 1800MHz spectrum auction came to a close yesterday having raised significantly less than the $7.3 billion expected by the government.

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