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Telkom SA to sell CDMA business
29 Jun 2011

South African telco, Telkom SA, has signed a heads of agreement to sell its CDMA business Multi-Links to Helios Towers Nigeria.

Huawei and Telenor take on Arctic conditions
28 Jun 2011

The Chinese vendor Huawei and Norwegian telco Telenor Norway have teamed up to deploy what they claim is the world’s northernmost LTE site in Svalbard; an archipelago located halfway between Norway and the North Pole.

Microsoft looks into super Wifi networks
27 Jun 2011

IT giant Microsoft is to lead a consortium to establish whether unused radio spectrum to transmit terrestrial television can instead support a new generation of mobile broadband networks.

Net neutrality inching ever closer
24 Jun 2011

The Dutch parliament’s recent decision to make net neutrality legal could have a massive impact on mobile service providers.

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