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100Gbps capability in Riyadh
16 Mar 2011

Mobily has activated the first 100Gbps network in the Middle East within the Riyadh metropolitan area to enable high-bandwidth services.

Analysis: Empires of steel the future of tower companies
16 Mar 2011

In a world where businesses are constantly charged with finding ways to make everything smaller and more accessible, the lofty telecoms cell towers of steel that provide the bare infrastructure remain as prevalent as ever.

FCC to connect rural America
16 Mar 2011

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has unveiled its new project, the Connect America Fund (CAF), which aims to deploy broadband in rural and under-served areas.

Monitise signs deal with Visa
16 Mar 2011

Visa Europe will offer mobile payment services to its member banks and other financial institutions in the region after partnering with mobile payments provider Monitise.

Pacnet to develop Chinese cloud
16 Mar 2011

Asian telco Pacnet has announced that it is to develop an international cloud computing hub in the Chinese municipality of Chongqing.

West African capacity prices ‘to drop tenfold’
16 Mar 2011

The new submarine cable systems planned to serve Africa’s west coast will, once all completed and lit, precipitate a dramatic fall in wholesale capacity pricing across the region, according to analyst predictions.

Etisalat strikes global satellite deal
11 Mar 2011

Satellite operator O3b has agreed a five-year deal with UAE-based telco Etisalat to provide mobile backhaul, trunking and next-generation services to its subsidiary operations in developing markets around the world.

Europe closes fibre gap
11 Mar 2011

The huge gulf in fibre access network deployment that exists between Europe and Asia’s leading economies has narrowed slightly.

European giants unite to develop new services
11 Mar 2011

France Telecom Orange and Deutsche Telekom have outlined plans to join forces on the development of new technologies and services, leading to further speculation that the companies could eventually merge into one ‘super telco’.

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