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Are MNO backhaul plans broken?
22 Nov 2011

Mobile operators will need to up their game if tomorrow’s increased traffic levels are to be handled. But is this a challenge they are in danger of underestimating, or one they are on top of? Guy Matthews reports.

ATLANTIC-ACM's CDN Survey 2011
22 Nov 2011

The CDN market is a game of margins, vertical plays and network attributes. ATLANTIC-ACM surveyed 140 buyers of global CDN services to discover just what they want from these three areas.

Raising finance for telecoms
18 Nov 2011

Widespread consolidation, investment in new services and an expansion of network capacity does not happen without raising capital. Telecoms is proving big business and it is continually adding value as a major sub-sector of the world economy. Kavit Majithia asks how telecoms operators manage financing requirements.

New market verticals for telcos
17 Nov 2011

As telcos seek to expand their horizons, Richard Irving investigates the business solutions to be found in vertical sectors. From the well-established financial vertical, to opportunities in media and healthcare, he asks where carriers will head next?

Explosive telecoms growth and corruption in India
17 Nov 2011

Experiencing explosive levels of end user growth and infrastructure development, but at the same time weighed down by recent corruption and scandal, Alex Hawkes examines the exciting but erratic Indian telecoms market.

Telecoms in extreme environments
11 Oct 2011

Whether negotiating areas of political conflict or tackling Arctic conditions, the telecoms industry is facing challenges on many fronts. Guy Matthews investigates the difficulties in reaching the world’s most geographically isolated communities.

Terrestrial networks: a valuable alternative?
11 Oct 2011

As subsea routes become increasingly congested, can the development of terrestrial networks offer a valuable alternative for the global carrier community? Alex Hawkes investigates how new terrestrial projects could transform international connectivity between Europe and Asia.

Pricing pressures for wholesale telecoms
11 Oct 2011

Pricing models are placing huge pressure on margins in wholesale telecoms. Angela Partington explores how these pricing levels are set, and how the process is likely to develop in coming years.

New challenges facing Europe's major carriers
15 Sep 2011

Major European carriers once held an unquestionably strong grip on both domestic and international markets, but as profits in their local markets have declined and competition in the global arena has increased, their position no longer looks so assured. Guy Matthews investigates the fresh challenges facing today’s major European carriers.

CDNs and the content revolution
15 Sep 2011

The content revolution in telecoms is taking shape and there is a new segment of companies ready to make an impact on a telecoms business model in place for over a decade. How do the well-established operators deal with the exciting influx of new technology innovations?

Environmental issues in telecoms
15 Sep 2011

It's easy to talk about being green, but what does it mean in practice? Are environmental issues really motivating developments in the telecoms industry, or are they just a topical and effective way to reduce expenditure? Angela Partington explores.

Countdown to IPv6
15 Jul 2011

While IPv6 World Day helped highlight the industry’s collective effort to encourage the global transition to IPv6, mass adoption remains on the horizon.

Personalised deliveries
15 Jul 2011

With greater pressure on telcos to deliver more than ever before, managed services could offer a solution. But as the industry’s needs are developing, are the solutions on offer keeping pace? Angela Partington explores.

No room to share? LightSquared vs GPS spectrum feud
14 Jul 2011

The tension in the US is mounting as the regulatory battle between LightSquared and the global positioning system (GPS) industry continues, adjudicated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Security in the cloud: cloud control
01 Jun 2011

Angela Partington examines the issues surrounding security in the cloud. How can service providers balance the need for data protection while providing a functional and reliable service?

Evolving business models in wholesale telecoms
16 May 2011

Are new strategies required for operators to remain competitive? Can telcos sustain their traditional revenue streams, and what role will wholesale play in the wider communication and media industry? Angela Partington explores how wholesale models might evolve.

Satellite industry enjoys unexpected resurgence
16 May 2011

Once considered doomed to the technological scrapheap, satellites are enjoying an unexpected resurgence. The satellite industry is breaking into new territories. Guy Matthews reports.

The science behind low latency
16 May 2011

Richard Irving explores the theoretical and physical limitations in the ongoing race to lower latency in the financial industries.

Understanding network optimisation
16 May 2011

Network optimisation isn’t just about troubleshooting. It allows carriers to understand how their bandwidth is being used and optimise their assets. Guy Matthews investigates.

Game Changing
01 Apr 2011

The rise of online gaming has been staggering,creating huge demand for bandwidth, low-latency, robust networks, along with sufficient network reach and scalability to support the market. Eira Hayward investigates.

Inside out?
01 Apr 2011

With continual technological advances in femtocells and small cells, Angela Partington asks whether femtocells will move out of the home into enterprise, public and rural arenas. And as they do, what impact will their introduction have on network planning?

Beyond the Great Wall
16 Mar 2011

China’s telecoms industry has undergone radical changes in the last decade, offering new and vast opportunities for both Chinese and foreign carriers. Alex Hawkes investigates.

The civil union
16 Mar 2011

The drive for telcos to best competitors by straightforward acquisition appears to be transitioning to a more subtle approach: partnership and joint venture. Angela Partington explores the impact this is having on the telecoms market.

LTE: a new horizon?
15 Feb 2011

With the momentum behind LTE, has WiMAX been left behind? Caroline Chappell investigates whether there will be a clear winner in the race to 4G.

A bid for change
15 Feb 2011

Over the course of the last year, spectrum auctions have continued to cause controversy across the globe. Alex Hawkes investigates how a new proposal from the European Commission could change the future face of spectrum allocation.

Critical infrastructure security
15 Jan 2011

With 98% of transcontinental communications transmitted over subsea cables, the damage caused by a stray anchor can be huge. Critical infrastructure protection is vital to commerce and our global wellbeing. Guy Matthews explores the measures we are taking to protect our networks.

Future of the Latin American telecoms market
15 Jan 2011

M&A activity in Latin America has been rife in recent years, as leading international and regional carriers compete for a slice of this potentially lucrative market. Alex Hawkes looks towards the future of this vast and flamboyant continent.