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Addressing network security in an era of cyber insecurity
29 May 2017

The ever-increasing sophistication and scope of network attacks mean that more and better tools are needed to combat them. NTT Communications believes it provides both the services and the network scale to help customers out

Retelit: flexibility, leanness and agility
26 May 2017

As Italy-based carrier Retelit grows its footprint outside its domestic market, head of sales Diego Teot explains how the company provides something different from the competition

New realities in a world of things
25 May 2017

Carriers have an opportunity to play a big part in enabling IoT. But they will need some clever approaches, writes Gareth Willmer

Diverse pathways from east to west
25 May 2017

COO George Nikoloudis describes how the company offers an excellent opportunity to customers that want to send traffic between regions and onwards, with its ability to provide a diverse and resilient network

Accelerating into the future
25 May 2017

The era of the connected car, and beyond that the fully autonomous vehicle, promises to be an interesting journey, and perhaps an important new revenue stream for carriers. But, asks Guy Matthews, are they prepared for some challenging twists and turns on the road ahead?

The backhaul challenge
25 May 2017

5G services will remain on the distant horizon until backhaul networks are fit for purpose, but how can carriers deliver what’s needed and keep costs under control, asks Sue Tabbitt

Unlimited possibilities, unlimited mayhem?
07 Mar 2017

As carriers wait for cost efficiencies from SDN and NFV to appear, security professionals and vendors continue to debate the right approach to cloud-based security, writes Peter Kirwan.

Virtual will become real in 2017
07 Mar 2017

Virtualisation is the buzzword across the wholesale industry, whether it be SDN or NFV. James Pearce asks if it is virtual insanity, or is it finally becoming a reality?