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And then there were four: death in Indian mobile
16 Jan 2018

The Indian mobile business is looking like an Agatha Christie murder story. In 2014 there were 13 operators in the business in India, from Bharti Airtel with 22.53% of the market down to Quadrant with 0.24%. Soon there’ll be four or five.

GDPR: Know the rules
04 Jan 2018

Would you be able to pay a fine that’s 4% of your global group turnover? Europe’s new data protection rules are important for service providers across the world, writes Alan Burkitt-Gray

Maintaining peak practice
04 Jan 2018

As shopping activity surges at this time of year, what is the impact on carrier security? Gareth Willmer looks at the issues

Subsea cable projects
04 Jan 2018

With a number of subsea cable projects announced in 2017, capacity looks at some of the most innovative ones in the pipeline