Capacity's editorial team welcome all press releases, views and opinions on the market. Below are contact details for the editorial team, guidelines for submitting content and the latest upcoming features in Capacity magazine.

Capacity's Editorial team

Alex Hawkes

Alex Hawkes is the editor of Capacity and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the magazine and website. He has reported on a wide variety of issues facing the wholesale telecoms market, paying special attention to developments in the emerging market. Prior to joining Capacity, Alex has over nine years of business-to-business reporting  experience, including two years working in the UAE.

Jason McGee-Abe
News and content editor

Jason McGee-Abe is Capacity's news and content editor. He joined in February 2016 and helps oversee and manage the news agenda for the magazine and website. Prior to joining Capacity, Jason spent five years reporting in the process excellence, business, technology, trade finance, and property B2B sectors.

Agnes Stubbs
Senior reporter

Agnes Stubbs joined Capacity in December 2014 where she serves as senior reporter for and the bi-monthly Capacity Magazine, covering news, features and analysis in wholesale telecoms and technology. Prior to joining Capacity, she covered sustainability and renewable energy, interviewing thought leaders and management of Fortune 500 companies in the industry.

Guidelines for editorial coverage

What type of news and content is Capacity looking for?

We encourage companies to share all their latest developments, views and opinions on the wholesale marketplace.

Our coverage is truly global, and we welcome news items from every market across the globe.

We cover a wide range of issues facing the industry, but below is a general overview of the areas we regularly cover:

  • Latest M&A activity, network expansions and infrastructure investments  
  • New products or services
  • Emerging technologies and trends (such as SDN, NFV, 400G, M2M and security)
  • C-level appointments
  • Regulatory developments

Alternatively, if you feel you have a strong opinion or view on a recent development or trend in the market, we encourage you to contact the editorial team to schedule a more in-depth interview.

We also encourage you to regularly check our editorial schedule and look out for topics that match your company’s activities. 

Why choose Capacity as the exclusive platform for sharing your company's news and developments?

Capacity aims to be the breaking news source for the wholesale telecoms community.

By sharing embargoed press releases or company news with us, we can ensure your story is delivered to a more relevant audience. By providing us with a news item one to two weeks in advance, we are able to review thoroughly, offer feedback and schedule a follow-up interview if required.

If you are hoping to release your news at a particular Capacity conference, we encourage you to check the Capacity conference schedule and contact the editorial team one to two weeks in advance.

How can I ensure my company receives the best possible coverage?

News items or interviews are selected strictly according to editorial merit. However, to make your story stand out from the crowd, we urge you to think about how your company’s development has impacted the market. Feedback from customers or analysts can help support your story, as can financial details or a timeline of events.

Providing as much opinion and comment as possible helps to build a more complete story.

Any relevant high-resolution images (300 dpi or above) to accompany the story are also welcome.

Do you accept contributed articles?

Capacity does not directly publish contributed articles online or in print. However, our Capacity Voice blog is a popular place for the market to share their views and opinions. Examples can be found here.

Blog entries must be on a recent industry trend and should be kept neutral (we do not allow companies to promote services or products).

The advised word count is 250-400 words, and we also require an image of the author.

How can I engage with Capacity through social media?

We encourage all companies to engage with the editorial team through our various social media channels:


The editorial team share all their latest news and opinions via Twitter, and encourage the telecoms community to interact via @capacitymag or our individual twitter handles.

In the lead up to a Capacity Conference, please also watch out for our hashtags to share your company's developments at our events.


To leave a more extensive comment or view on an issue facing your company, please join the Capacity Media Linkedin group.


To share photos or thoughts about Capacity, please like our Facebook page.