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APIs: a clear commercial return?
31 Mar 2014

Carriers have been exploring the ins and outs of opening their programming interfaces to outside developers, such as OTTs. Capacity considers the upside of making APIs accessible.

Phil Twist, NSN Q&A: Enhancing network performance
25 Mar 2014

In February, Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) extended its service portfolio to help telecoms operators enhance network performance. Phil Twist, head of portfolio marketing at NSN, talks Capacity through some of its latest solutions.

Global Cloud Xchange: Upgrading the Middle East
24 Mar 2014

Global Cloud Xchange – formerly Reliance Globalcom – is one of the Middle East’s largest providers of subsea cable connectivity. Rory Cole, CFO of the company’s three business units, shares his views on the regional market with Capacity.

Steve Alexander, Ciena Q&A: Growth in the Gulf
24 Mar 2014

Steve Alexander, SVP and CTO at Ciena, talks to Capacity about how operators in the Middle East are advancing their networks further than ever before, in a bid to address the expected surge in data demand from the region during the next decade.