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CSG International: Investing in an automated future
10 Oct 2012

BSS provider CSG International has reinforced its position in the wholesale solution segment with the $19 million purchase of Ascade. Robert Anderson reports on how CSG’s solutions are helping operators to defend and improve their inter-carrier revenues.

Telx: Expanding presence in US metro networks
18 Jun 2012

Telx is taking the fight to Equinix where it really counts - in the high density US metro networks. Alex Hawkes investigates how new facilities such as the Vantage data centre in Silicon Valley are supporting its services.

Ekinops: Competing in the transport vendor market
10 May 2012

From simple beginnings, transport vendor Ekinops has fought to gain market share from the world’s largest vendors. Robert Anderson reports on how a pure transport player has found its place among the competition.

Internexa: Creating an IP backbone across Latin America
10 May 2012

Internexa has single handily created the most extensive terrestrial telecommunications network ever to grace Latin America. As its IP backbone continues to firmly take shape, Alex Hawkes discovers how the Colombian company plans to use it to help facilitate the growth of local content.

Tulip Telecom: deploying wireless in rural areas
17 Feb 2012

By deploying wireless on the last mile, MPLS VPN service provider Tulip Telecom has extended connectivity nationwide across India. Alex Hawkes finds out if the company has successfully bridged the large digital divide between metro and rural networks.

Telekom Malaysia: ambitions to become an Asian hub
11 Jan 2012

With a ground-breaking nationwide high-speed broadband project underway and strong ambitions to become a hub for south east Asia, Telekom Malaysia has a number of reasons to look forward to 2012. Alex Hawkes investigates.