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NTT Europe: Natural expansion into eastern Europe
01 Dec 2011

As developed telecoms markets continue to mature, global Tier 1 carriers are constantly looking for new regions to expand into. For NTT Europe, investment in eastern Europe has been a natural progression, finds Kavit Majithia.

Safaricom: Investing in Africa
17 Nov 2011

As Africa enters into a new era of connectivity capability, with Kenya serving as a major hub for that development, there is added pressure on operators like Safaricom to address a new level of demand from its end users. Kavit Majithia reports.

Alcatel-Lucent: A new era for intelligent networks
11 Oct 2011

The talk of telcos transforming business models to accommodate new technology is at the forefront of discussion in the wholesale market. For solution providers, like Alcatel-Lucent, there is a constant need to innovate and add value to its operations. Kavit Majithia investigates Alcatel-Lucent’s strategy going forward into a new era for intelligent networks.

Pacnet: Accelerating network expansion in Asia
11 Oct 2011

Over the last few years, Pacnet has been growing its already extensive infrastructure footprint, while strategically moving into the CDN space. Alex Hawkes finds out how those two halves combine to give the company a powerful foothold in the Asian market.

Interoute: developing ICT services in Europe
15 Sep 2011

Interoute has one of the most advanced networks across Europe. Yet as the company continues to develop its ICT services, is it turning its back on the traditional carrier space? Alex Hawkes investigates.

TEO: leading Lithuania's FTTH strategy
15 Sep 2011

Lithuania has one of the most impressive fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks in Europe, thanks to the efforts of its leading domestic telco TEO. Guy Matthews investigates.

Networking the Nordic way
05 Aug 2011

With one of the most extensive and eclectic networks in the world, where will TeliaSonera International Carrier extend its footprint next? Guy Matthews investigates.

NTT Communications: resilient thinking
01 Jun 2011

Japan’s vulnerability to natural disasters poses a real and apparent threat to the nation’s connectivity. Alex Hawkes examines how NTT Communications’ IP operations are prepared for disaster.

GBI: Gateway to the Gulf
13 May 2011

When the Gulf Bridge International cable system goes live later this summer, the Gulf states will for the first time be completely linked through one private Middle Eastern cable operator. Alex Hawkes investigates its potential impact on the region.

Juniper Networks: Mobility and cloud markets
13 May 2011

With a recent series of major announcements under its belt, will Juniper achieve its ambition to shake the market with its groundbreaking vision? Caroline Chappell reports.

OTEGLOBE: Banking on the Balkans
01 Apr 2011

Operating in a struggling economy in a market that appears to be losing revenue, Kavit Majithia analyses OTEGLOBE’s operations in Greece, the Balkans and south eastern Europe.

AT&T: The early pace setter
16 Mar 2011

Offering wholesale, enterprise, network infrastructure and consumer services, Kavit Majithia examines AT&T’s business strategy as the company attempts to setthe benchmark for innovation.

StarHub: Next-generation networking?
15 Feb 2011

Enjoying its position in one of the most sophisticated telecommunications markets in Asia-Pacific, StarHub explains its plans to build upon its role. Angela Partington reports.

Telx: Changing gear
15 Feb 2011

After a decade of leading the market in interconnection services, Telx has turned towards Ethernet exchange services via a partnership with Neutral Tandem. Guy Matthews reports.