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Neutral Tandem: the world’s a stage
15 Dec 2010

Guy Matthews examines the plans of the relatively unknown US interconnect specialist Neutral Tandem which, in acquiring Tinet, has been catapulted onto the global stage.

BT: Head of the pack
15 Nov 2010

Although its strategy has not been an unqualified success, the UK's BT has been a model for other incumbents around the world. Caroline Chappell reports.

TIWS: More than the sum of its parts
15 Nov 2010

Telefonica International Wholesale Services is working to consolidate its position as a global wholesale player, as Sue Tabbitt reports.

Reliance Globalcom: Build and buy
15 Nov 2010

India's Reliance Globalcom has come from nowhere, writes Ian Chard, to control one of the world's largest IP connectivity infrastructures.

Telkom Indonesia: Poised on the brink
15 Oct 2010

Telkom Indonesia's ability to exploit market interest depends on ensuring the country's infrastructure can meet demands. Angela Partington reports.

Bharti Airtel: Adventures in Africa
15 Oct 2010

Following a spate of acquisitions, Bharti Airtel is bidding for dominance in Africa. Guy Matthews assesses the Indian operator's plans as it assimilates its new business.

Du: The Arabic internet
15 Oct 2010

Dubia-based operator Du is setting the pace in developing Arabic content for the internet and pushing it out to service provider across the Middle East, as Guy Matthews reports.

Telefonica: Turns to Latin America
15 Oct 2010

The Spanich incumbent is upping the ante on the continent as it searches for the growth that is missing from its home market. Eira Hayward reports.

Orange: Money in Africa
15 Sep 2010

Kavit Majithia looks at the development of mobile money services as France Telecom’s Orange money launches further mobile payment services across Africa

Reliance Industries: An uneasy harmony
15 Sep 2010

As Reliance Industries re-enters the telecoms space, will the world’s richest brothers opt to compete or cooperate? Kavit Majithia reports.

IDT: balancing act
15 Sep 2010

Known primarily as a high-volume voice minutes company, IDT is now changing its mix with a move to higher-margin services, as Guy Matthews reports.