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The Monet subsea cable is ready for service
05 Dec 2017

Algar Telecom, Angola Cables, Antel, Google and TE SubCom have announced that the Monet Cable System (Monet) is now ready for service with commercial traffic due to begin shortly.

Metro Optic launches MetroIX
25 Oct 2017

Metro Optic, a provider of fibre optic networks, has just launched MetroIX, an interconnection platform hosted at Metro Optic’s carrier-neutral data centre in downtown Montreal.

FCC certifies Padtec subsea equipment
25 Oct 2017

The US telecoms regulator has approved Padtec’s submarine line terminal equipment, including its transponder for ultra-long distances.

DE-CIX enters Indian market with Mumbai IX launch
25 Oct 2017

DE-CIX has created a joint venture (JV) to serve the Indian market with its 12th internet exchange globally. It will offer data and carrier centre neutral premium interconnection services to all local and global small, mid-size and large market actors.

Zayo announces three routes out of Marseille
24 Oct 2017

Zayo has announced three new diverse network routes that will run out of Marseille, offering businesses and carriers with connectivity solutions for businesses and carriers throughout Western Europe and North America.

Deep Blue Cable, TE SubCom to build new fibre-optic subsea system
12 Jul 2017

Deep Blue Cable, the developer, owner and operator of a state-of-the-art subsea fibre-optic system providing connectivity across the Caribbean islands and to the Americas, has announced that it has contracted with TE SubCom to build and deploy the Deep Blue subsea cable system.

Infinera XTS-3300 Meshponder delivers 19Tb of capacity on trans-Atlantic route
12 Jul 2017

Infinera has announced the successful completion of a subsea field trial with a major subsea network provider on a modern trans-Atlantic route. The field trial was conducted with the Infinera XTS-3300 meshponder and demonstrated the potential of 19 terabits per second (19T) per fibre pair, delivering the highest spectral efficiency on a major trans-Atlantic route to operate with stable, commercial-ready performance margin.

Final splice completed for Seabras-1
11 Jul 2017

Seaborn Networks, a leading developer-owner-operator of submarine cable systems, announced it has completed the final splice for Seabras-1, which is the only direct PoP to PoP submarine cable system between São Paulo, Brazil, and New York, US.

Revolutionising the current vendor model
03 Jul 2017

Andreas Hipp, chairman and CEO of Cataleya, details the company’s refocused vision as service enablement plays an increasingly important role in wholesale telecoms

Leading the SDN drive
07 Jun 2017

Megaport has made huge strides in just a few years and Jason McGee-Abe speaks to Vincent English, CEO of Megaport, to find out how the company has evolved and what’s in store for 2017-18

From Angola to the rest of the world
06 Jun 2017

Artur Mendes, CCO of Angola Cables, looks at the company’s achievements and plans for 2017 and beyond, including expansion through Africa and to Europe, Brazil and the US

Shaping the Web 3.0 revolution
01 Jun 2017

Capacity caught up with Tom Wheeler, the former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), about his new firm Actility and what the biggest growth opportunities in telecoms are today

IP-VPN Mobile Access footprint expansion to Hungary
31 May 2017

With the launch of Deutsche Telekom’s innovative IP-VPN Mobile Access product in Hungary, the carrier implemented the next step towards becoming a regional wholesale provider of secure mobile connectivity solutions

Is your interconnect business underperforming?
31 May 2017

Not to worry! Axino’s solutions and powerful analytics help carriers optimise outdated systems and processes to reinvent their wholesale businesses and bilateral relationships

Infiny: intelligent networking at your fingertips
31 May 2017

Epsilon launched “Infiny by Epsilon” its new on-demand connectivity platform in March 2017. Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO of Epsilon speaks to Capacity about how it is changing the global networking model and its vision for its platform in the future

Liberty Global: a growing force
30 May 2017

Liberty Global is the world’s largest international TV and broadband company, with 25 million customers and operations in more than 30 countries across Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. The wholesale executive team shares with us their plans for the future and how their customers will benefit from their continued expansion

A world of connected networks
30 May 2017

The industry is building a global ecosystem supporting third network services with lifecycle service orchestration, writes Nan Chen of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)

Addressing network security in an era of cyber insecurity
29 May 2017

The ever-increasing sophistication and scope of network attacks mean that more and better tools are needed to combat them. NTT Communications believes it provides both the services and the network scale to help customers out

A ground-breaking rise from Kuwait
29 May 2017

Raghid Charara, managing director of SWIFTEL International Carrier Services (ICS), discusses the company’s activities and plans

The line between wholesale and retail is blurring
26 May 2017

BICS has been on the acquisition trail to expand its portfolio. CEO Daniel Kurgan discusses the Belgian operator’s diversification strategy and the importance of a strong backbone to support it

Retelit: flexibility, leanness and agility
26 May 2017

As Italy-based carrier Retelit grows its footprint outside its domestic market, head of sales Diego Teot explains how the company provides something different from the competition

Challenges and opportunities in a fast-evolving market
26 May 2017

Dr. Rolf Nafziger, Senior Vice President International Wholesale Business Unit (IBU) at Deutsche Telekom (DT), talks to Capacity about a telecoms market in a dynamic state of transformation and innovation

HGC grows as OTT players expand their vision
25 May 2017

Hutchison Global Communications is expanding its business with over-the-top providers, says Andrew Kwok, as they expand to serve a global market. Interview by Alan Burkitt-Gray

Taking the lead in digital transformation
25 May 2017

As the digital economy continues to grow, service providers have an opportunity to play a leading role in enabling enterprises to capitalise on the growth opportunities that it brings by propelling them forward on their digital transformation journey

SEACOM launches PoPs in Rwanda and Botswana
22 May 2017

SEACOM continues to extend the geographical reach of its network with the launch of new points of presence (PoPs) in Rwanda and Botswana through partnerships with strong local providers.

Bell Canada deploying London PoP
15 May 2017

Bell Canada, BCE Nexxia’s parent company, is deploying a new point of presence (PoP) in London this fall to provide European organisations a direct connection into North America through Canada without transiting into any US landing stations.

Colt expands Nordic network to Finland
15 May 2017

Colt Technology Services has announced the expansion of the high bandwidth Colt IQ Network to Helsinki to meet the burgeoning demand for high bandwidth connectivity between data centres and organisations in the region.

HGC to launch SD-WAN services for enterprise customer
15 May 2017

Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) has launched software-defined wider area network (SD-WAN) services to enable enterprises to better manage their networks in the complex WAN network environment.

NJFX enhances connectivity ecosystem with Aqua Comms and Epsilon
15 May 2017

NJFX has announced the addition of Aqua Comms and privately-owned global communications service provider Epsilon Telecommunications, to its ever-growing connectivity ecosystem of global carriers, network operators, enterprises, cloud providers, and internet exchanges.

SEACOM to accelerate infrastructure investment
15 May 2017

During 2017, SEACOM will introduce new managed services products for enterprises, and invest in technologies such as software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), network function virtualisation (NFV) and software-defined networks (SDN).

Growing partnerships and enhancing cooperation
14 May 2017

Mehmet Toros took over as CEO of Türk Telekom International (TTI) Group from Cengiz Oztelcan in November 2016, who left after four years in the role. Jason McGee-Abe interviewed him for Capacity about his first few months in the role and TTI’s strategic priorities in 2017

BRUSA on track for 2018 launch
27 Mar 2017

Telxius’s BRUSA cable, that will connect Rio de Janeiro in Brazil with Virginia Beach in the USA, is on track for launch next year.

ITC and Rapid Telecom seal strategic partnership
08 Mar 2017

Integrated Telecom Company (ITC) has officially signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Rapid Telecom, a licensed Bahraini telecommunications and information services company.

Avelacom, Expand Executive Search sign deal
08 Mar 2017

Avelacom has signed a deal at Capacity Middle East with Expand Executive Search, which will see the latter support the Russian low-latency network operator boost its ranks.

Dubai’s UAE-IX to upgrade to DE-CIX Apollon platform
08 Mar 2017

The UAE-based UAE-IX Internet Exchange, managed by datamena in partnership with DE-CIX, has announced today that it will upgrade to the powerful DE-CIX Apollon technology platform as the foundation for its regional infrastructure in the United Arabian Emirates - in the near future.

TTI's Mehmet Toros: Growing partnerships and enhancing cooperation
08 Mar 2017

Mehmet Toros took over as CEO of Türk Telekom International (TTI) Group from Cengiz Oztelcan in November 2016, who left after four years in the role. Jason McGee-Abe interviewed him for Capacity about his first few months in the role and TTI’s strategic priorities in 2017.

Zain and Rapid Telecom sign strategic partnership agreement
08 Mar 2017

Zain Bahrain, a leading telecoms service provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain, officially signed a strategic partnership agreement with Rapid Telecom, a licensed Bahraini telecommunications and information services company.

TIGER cable system and Rapid Telecom sign strategic partnership agreement
08 Mar 2017

TIGER cable system, a consortium formed to operate an international terrestrial cable system from the Arabian Gulf to Europe via Iraq and Turkey, officially signed a strategic partnership agreement with Rapid Telecom, a licensed Bahraini telecommunications and information services company.

GBI appoints Mohamed Saro as CCO
07 Mar 2017

Gulf Bridge International (GBI), a global cloud, connectivity and content enabler, has strengthened its leadership team by announcing the appointment of Mohamed Saro as chief commercial officer.

Roadmap: The future of Iran’s telecoms market
07 Mar 2017

The Iranian government has set out clearer obligations for the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT) as part of a five-year social and economic development plan. Welcome news for the wholesale market, which is looking for clearer regulation after the relaxation of sanctions.

Retelit, BICS launch new premium route to Europe through Italy for AAE-1
07 Mar 2017

Infrastructure and data services provider Retelit and BICS, a global international communications enabler, have announced an innovative joint connectivity solution that will bridge Europe, via Bari in Italy, to Singapore and Hong Kong through the AAE-1 subsea cable system.

Rapid Telecom to acquire GCCIX cable system
07 Mar 2017

Rapid Telecom, a licensed Bahraini telecommunications and information services company, has today announced it is in the process of acquiring GCCIX cable system.

du selects GENBAND for SBC VNF deployment
06 Mar 2017

UAE operator du has become the first Middle East provider to enable seamless connectivity between disparate communications networks in the region after partnering with GENBAND.

Digicel exec re-elected as CANTO chairman
07 Feb 2017

Julian Wilkins, government relations and public affairs director at Digicel Group, has been re-elected as chairman of the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications (CANTO).

NJFX announces new strategic location
01 Feb 2017

The New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX) has announced a new strategic location just steps away from its subsea cable landing station campus.