Capacity Voice

25 Mar 2015

The SS7 network needs its own secured borders

SS7 is a very sturdy protocol for mobile network signalling control. The layers are well-defined with exact procedures dealing with redundancy, robustness, alternate routing and load-sharing all designed in from the start. Noticeably absent from the specifications, however, is reference to security measures, perhaps signifying the size and level of trust amongst the MNO community when the SS7 protocol was introduced and developed over 40 years ago.

04 Mar 2015

X-rated talent

Recently, while researching a different story, I asked a telecoms industry executive about the problems of building high performing networks at scale. Where, I asked, did the cloud providers and SaaS developers recruit their techies?

03 Mar 2015

Let it rain! The three things you need to take your digital service strategy to the street

I’ve lived in Colorado, US for most of my adult life where it’s a common thing to hear “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change.”

23 Feb 2015

Wholesales Trends: 10 for ‘15

2015 will be a challenging year for wholesale carriers, as was 2014. Traditional services still supply most revenues but they are shrinking and how those services are sold, and to whom, is shifting. New services are taking hold, but not as fast as the hype nor as easily as managers had hoped. Still, clear trends exist that can help wholesale providers navigate 2015. Here are 10 things to count on…

03 Feb 2015

Getting physical in 2015

The telecoms market ended 2014 with a bang. First, BT blindsided market experts by opting for EE rather than O2. The £12.5 billion deal with EE’s two owners Deutsche Telekom and Orange was one of the largest telecoms deals announced in 2014. Not to be outdone, Telstra then sneaked through a late $679 million bid for Pacnet, set to be its largest acquisition to date.

27 Jan 2015

Never mind the bandwidth, feel the quality

Mobile customers experience drives churn, but how can the service provider get a handle on something so utterly nebulous?

20 Jan 2015

Reaching for the clouds

“Imagine this scenario: Officers of the local Stadtpolizei investigating a suspected leak to the press descend on Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. They serve a warrant to seize a bundle of private letters that a New York Times reporter is storing in a safe deposit box at a Deutsche Bank USA branch in Manhattan. The bank complies by ordering the New York branch manager to open the reporter’s box with a master key, rummage through it, and fax the private letters to the Stadtpolizei.”

13 Jan 2015

The artful dodgers of telecoms

Fraud – an ugly word for a painful and ever-lurking evil rampant in the telecoms industry – grows larger every year.

06 Jan 2015

Satellite can be the answer to the reliable capacity conundrum

For developing economies, the internet is a springboard to connect their entrepreneurs, scientists and industry to the global economy and peers around the world.

17 Dec 2014

Connectivity: Understanding the power of fibre

Whether the requirement is internet connectivity for cloud-based applications or links to a private WAN, most organisations now recognise the importance of a carrier-neutral data centre. However, while the list of possible connections available may look compelling – some data centres boast hundreds of carriers – it is important to look beyond the top-line promises.