Capacity Voice

05 Nov 2015

IPv6 and the telecoms industry

IPv4 is running out and the problems that this causes get more acute every day. How bad is it? ARIN, the regional internet registry covering North America, recently exhausted its supply completely, meaning that companies in the region can now only attain addresses through trading.

30 Oct 2015

Are operators the biggest casualties of data theft?

No sooner had the European Commission announced that it will be taking steps to toughen already-stringent data privacy laws, then a UK operator fell victim to a major cyber-security breach.

19 Oct 2015

The shift to software-centric networks: SDN and NFV poised for the mainstream

We can’t create a strong building on weak foundations. In the telco context, as demands on networks grow, planning and deploying the right infrastructure is a necessity now and some fundamental changes are required if networks are to remain profitable.

19 Oct 2015

Establishing an impactful baseline energy reduction

Today, many data centre owner-operators, particularly in the wholesale sector, are deploying primary power and cooling strategies that offer substantial energy savings, improvements in Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), and in some cases, the ability to run on their own “micro-grid” in order to achieve a baseline energy reduction.

09 Oct 2015

The Preševo One Stop Centre, Serbia

TSF co-founding Director, Monique Lanne-Petit shares her experience in the Preševo One Stop Centre, Serbia

09 Oct 2015

BaaS: Giving operators the A2P advantage

It is fair to say that in 2015 mobile operators are under pressure. A trend of declining revenues when network investment costs to satisfy consumer demand are skyrocketing puts strain on operators to maximise their profits. It’s a competitive environment and the advent of disruptive OTT players poses a significant challenge to traditional mobile services.

05 Oct 2015

Weathering a perfect mobile storm

For many people, the assumption is that the mobile industry is booming. That’s certainly how it looks from the outside. However, look a little more closely and the reality is more nuanced.

21 Sep 2015

How the CIO can drive digital innovation

The IT department is taking centre stage as a key innovator within the business, as the adoption of technologies such as cloud, IoT and big data analytics grows.

17 Sep 2015

Reinvigorating international voice through VoLTE

In early adopter markets VoLTE services have revolutionised the quality of voice services with end users enjoying reliable and crystal clear calls, driving overall usage. In these countries, and further afield, forward thinking operators are now looking to expand the value gained from their investment in IMS by offering ubiquitous advanced communications to users, wherever they are.

01 Sep 2015

Ushering private wires into the 21st century

The financial markets arena is perceived as a technologically progressive space with trades being executed by the thousands each millisecond. However, in the midst of the rapid markets there rests an outdated form of technology: the private wire.