Capacity Voice

03 Aug 2015

Upping your network and data security with two-factor authentication

With the frequency and severity of data breaches, networks and data are becoming more and more vulnerable. And a change in attitude is taking place with Security 2.0 coming to the fore.

23 Jul 2015

How safe are our cables?

They take years of planning and deployment, but what is done to protect cables once they are in the ground or under the seabed?

07 Jul 2015

Winning big with friction-free co-opetition

Not every business deal needs to have a winner and a loser. What’s important is that all participants in the relationship create new value for their businesses.

01 Jul 2015

Selling what you don't know

Telefonica has run a traditional market research tracker globally for many years. Every month it can report in detail on what its customers tell it about their level of satisfaction. Since 2012, its subsidiary O2 has taken this one step further, and compared what customers report with what they actually do, based on transaction and network data.

30 Jun 2015

How managed services are transforming wholesale telecoms

The amount of change that a telecoms operator’s business must undergo to support digital services is so massive that it’s often called a ‘transformation,’ and wholesale business models are no exception.

28 May 2015

Supporting the whole telecoms ecosystem

As data usage and advanced next generation services continue to grow dramatically in the marketplace, the role of the wholesale service provider has never been so vital and varied in its nature.

26 May 2015

The Middle East’s new wave of young telecoms entrepreneurs

As Yemen becomes the latest Middle Eastern nation to become embroiled in civil war, efforts to advance the region’s telecoms infrastructure suffered another setback.

22 May 2015

Defining net neutrality

Among the tiny part of the population that actually knows what it is, net neutrality has tended to encourage polarised views (often about the same thing): for example it is either an essential feature of the internet to encourage startups, or an outmoded idea that holds back investment in innovation. It’s rare, however, for an institution to hold several positions at once, but that’s the state of the debate in Europe.

21 May 2015

Collections - the newest way to win customers

Billing and collections. It’s not exactly a consumer’s favourite part of their relationship with their telecoms provider, but it is of course necessary. Not approaching billing and collections in the right way can cause significant damage to the customer relationship, particularly if that customer has fallen into arrears.

21 May 2015

Stateside: Carrier Alert

By the very nature of wholesale, a carrier is serving its competition - competition that buys access when it brings customers to sites that the wholesaler’s network serves. However, an interesting analysis by Oppenheimer & Company’s Tim Horan offers a peek into a probable future with risks for the slow or unwary, and it started me thinking…